here we go….

okay, so i decided to start a blog…..for a number of reasons…..

1.  to have a place to think about my life, family, career, health, faith, marriage….i am a verbal processor and it was either this or therapy…let’s be honest, it may be both :)

2.  to have a record of my days. i want to be able to look back on my life, see how far i’ve come, where i need to grow..

3. to appreciate life more. to be more grateful.  to be able to easily see and read all i have to be thankful for. because it’s too easy to forget..

4. to document our life leading up to kids, a house, and any other ‘big’ life moments

5.  to help other people. or at least let people know that there is someone else similar to them out there. someone else with struggles, up, downs, etc..

6. really though, i just think it may be fun and we shall see where this goes!

it may be random, poorly laid out, misspelled, and otherwise unorganized, but it will be real. it will be me.

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