wednesday night thankfulness

okay so today was great! i blogged a lot in the morning, while avoiding all forms of house work. went to work, thought we lost a kid-didn’t!- teacher of the year, i know….(in my defense it wasn’t our fault at all…), dinner with a great friend, bought myself a sweet owl mug, target shopping, then watched new girl with pablo, more blogging, and maybe a workout sometime in here….we’ll see. it was a good day, and i am thankful for it.

sidenote: what the H is up with target clothes sizing?? i tried on a small, medium and large tops tonight and none of them fit me, all for very different reasons….lame. maybe it’s nature’s way of telling me to buy better quality clothing…yes…that has to be it…..

new owl mug from west elm! can't wait to drink tea from this bad boy

new owl mug from west elm! can’t wait to drink tea from this bad boy

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