30 rock thursday

tonight was the last night of 30 rock. i was sad :( i found that show hilarious. not sure what show i am going to get to replace it on my thursday night line up….but you know it will be replaced…i can’t be productive instead!

today was great, and i found myself looking for opportunities to be thankful. this blog must be working. things i was thankful for today: a coworker surprising me with a red velvet cupcake at work, having enough time to stop for a starbucks before work (skinny vanilla latte with soy milk, my only choice), one of my kiddos spending at least 25 minutes- no joke- showing me how he can walk backwards around the classroom, and after work going with a friend as she got a sweet tattoo!

i definitely had my moments of stress (not getting out of bed until….hermerschkermermermer….and having to RUSH to get ready for work..), or fighting my daily battle of convincing myself to workout, but overall it was a great day and i want to remember to be thankful for it. also, i don’t have to work tomorrow.


such a yummy surprise!

such a yummy surprise!

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