i want to try to remember to add funny things my students say at schol into my blogs so i don’t forget! they are seriously hilarious. i teach sign language to preschoolers 2 days a week in the mornings, and 5 days a week i teach an after school first grade program. so i have a ton of hilarious moments filling my day. here are some highlights of late:

student: ms leah! great news! i finally lost my grey tooth!


(while playing go fish) student: do you have any 8’s?

me: nope, go fish.

me: do you have any 2’s?

student: (smug look on his face): ha ha! nope. gold fish, ms. leah


* student 1: are you a regular 4?

student 2: no! i’m 4 and 1/2….


student: (to my pregnant co-teacher): ms. eleanor, how is that baby going to get out of there?!

ms eleanor: i don’t know, how do you think?

student: i’m not sure but i could karate chop him out right now for you if you want.


pregnant ms eleanor has been a great topic of conversation in our room lately too. she is due any day now and so we had all the kids guess baby boy’s name and weight. it was awesome:

so all we know is the baby will probably be between 1 and 12 pounds...

so all we know is the baby will probably be between 1 and 12 pounds…

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