friday fun day

so many fun things today. first of all, i didn’t have to work! i am really trying to be more positive about my job, because i know many people are without, it’s really a great place to work, i love my coworkers…..but honestly, who doesn’t love a day off?!

so i went to an eyebrow wax this morning, and it was great…..but the best part was at the end my waxer-lady asked about my weekend plans  (i’m sure expecting the pat “oh not much, you?” response), and for “some reason” i went into all this detail about our plans to meet tomorrow night with friends who have recently adopted and pick their brain a little. my waxer-lady (i’m sure that’s the right term..) said to me “well, you know i was adopted and i would love to talk more about this with you next time.” how cool is that?! it has been so encouraging seeing all the people that God has brought into our life that have some connection with the adoption process. so when i talk with her about it, you can bet i’ll be blogging about it!

after that i DEEEEEEEEEEP cleaned our place and that felt amazing. it needed it so bad. it was gross…true story. after which i got a burst of energy and decided to go running on the treadmill downstairs at our place. the best part of that being my sweet musica. pandora jock jams station is legitimately the best station ever. no joke.

when pauly got home we decided to go see “silver linings playbook” with our cousin jillayne. what a great movie. so so well done. definitely worth seeing you haven’t yet.

but wait! there’s more! we then headed over to jillayne’s place to check out her sweet new kitchen remodel, and decide that yes, 10:45 is the perfect time to order pizza hut! and they delivered on this freezing cold night! win win.

so that is the recap of this day. it may seem silly to blog about such mundane things, but i want to remember these days. also, this blog really has helped me focus on the positives.

okay off to beddy-bye……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………………………

jillayne and her new kitch!

jillayne and her new kitch!

pauly trying his best to help put kitchen cabinets together...we call this face "classic berg"
pauly trying his best to help put kitchen cabinets together…we call this face “classic berg”

we made the fridge at jillayne's house! whoop!

we made the fridge at jillayne’s house! whoop!

someday i will kick this addiction..but not now..not with pizza. please.

someday i will kick this addiction..but not now..not with pizza. please.

pineapple and jalepeno...nothing better.

pineapple and jalepeno…nothing better.

love him. isn't he so sweet?!

love him. isn’t he so sweet?!

(insert deep voice here): i love pizza....nomnomnomnomnomnom

(insert deep voice here): i love pizza….nomnomnomnomnomnom


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