i love my sister. i mean…LOVE HER. she is hands down the funniest person i have ever met. she is smart and beautiful and talented. i just needed to put that out there.

also, we share a love for blogs/blogging. she recently started a hilarious blog about her life:    do yourself a favor and read it. it’s so so great.

lately, we have both enjoyed the blog “the barefoot blonde.” it’s really unintentionally hilarious and we get such a kick out of reading it. the barefoot blonde refers to her sisters “sissiebears”,  and emma and i died laughing. so naturally we now have to call each other sissiebear, and she now coined the term “sissiebloggers.” omg. i just die.

love you sissiebear! thank you for always being there for me to listen when i vent, to encourage me in my endeavors, to love me unconditionally, and to make me laugh on a daily basis. i am so thankful for you! (and her amazing husband dan!)  i have sOOOOOO many  more pics of us to post, and i will, as soon as i can get this infernal computer to do what i want….(i am such a technology loser…)

sissiebears at christmas!

sissiebears at christmas!

she is such a babe. :)

she is so beautiful!!


  1. MAMA says

    OH LEAH I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that you and Sissiebear LOVE each other and are such close friends is an answer to a prayer I’ve prayed a million times as you were both growing up. God is SO good and I see evidence of His work in all 4 of our kids’ lives and I am a grateful Mama!

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