so i meant to write on saturday night about my day and time with friends, but two things didn’t happen: 1) no blog 2) no pictures from all my times with friends! what the?! sorry! i’ll try to find some pic to fill the space on this blog anyway :)

saturday was so fun! since i had the day off on friday, saturday felt like a sneak extra day! it was so nice having a three day weekend. anyway, it started with a trip to the bank with pauly to work out some stuff…and….how should i put this…i don’t want to be over dramatic….OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYGOOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHH!it was never ending! we waited FOREVER. but then the girl helping us was great so it turned out. :)

then i had an sweet little baby shower for a dear friend of mine, rachel, from high school. it was so fun to see her and celebrate her new little boy due any time now! as we were sitting and talking, me, amy (another friend from hs), and rachel were amazed at how great it is to all still be close friends and how to celebrate each other’s lives. it’s crazy to think that we all met over 15 years ago. time flies.

after that i grabbed a quick dinner with amy at punch pizza…so so yummy. i HIGHLY recommend it.

saturday night our friends cory and summer came over, along with new friends tim and alisha. we had appetizers, dessert, and yummy drinks. the boys played cribbage for almost 2 hours and the girls talked and talked and talked. it’s really nice getting to know new people…i learned a lot from them. tim and alisha, as well as cory and summer have recently adopted and we got to pick their brain. we got a lot of good insight about agencies, plans, etc..i’ll blog more about this soon.

we stayed up until after 1am talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. it was a really nice time :)

so, old friends, new friends, new babies…old babies? either way it was a great saturday night :)

here are some oldies but goodies from high school:

all dolled up for banquet! not prom. let me be clear: banquet :)

all dolled up for banquet! not prom. let me be clear: banquet :)

one of our last days of high school. love you gals :)

one of our last days of high school. love you gals :)

8th grade valentines day...i think....pretty sure....man oh man.... :)

8th grade valentines day…i think….pretty sure….man oh man…. :)

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