getting the y(uc)k out, part 2

i realized in my last post i didn’t put a link to the center where i go for my naturopathic uc care. you can learn more about the center and my doctor, Dr. Nate Champion (ps. how great is the name “Champion” for a doctor?!) here. they offer care for both physical and mental/emotional healing, with many incredible psychologists on staff. i swear this is not a sponsored post for them :) i just reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllly believe in what they do.

so, i am having a hard time describing my treatment at Partners in Healing (my clinic), because it’s so unique from any other clinic i’ve visited….. because of the doctors ability to meet with patients for extended visits, each patient’s care plan is completely individualized, and tailored to meet patients’ specific individual needs. i will tell you a little about my plan, but it could be different for each person depending on their level of need. so, i am going to simplify this. if you would like to know exactly what i take and why i would love to personally email that to you ( but my guess is most people would like to know the basics, as well as my diet. so that’s what i am going to focus on.

my naturopathic medicine regime:

each day i take a high powered probiotic. this is recommended for everyone, with or without UC, as it is great at restoring the good bacteria to your gut. it keeps you regular, helps cut down on…what’s the nice way to say this…intestinal discomfort, and helps boost your immune system. i take one specifically ordered through my doctor, but you can find good ones at your health food stores i am sure.

i also take a few different digestive aids, helping my colon more easily break down the food i eat, and better process it as well.

i take a daily multi vitamin…if you are looking for one be sure to do your research. again i order mine through my doctor, but he warned me that a lot of the over the counter ones at walgreen etc are not really doing you that much good. as with most things in life, it’s better to spend a little more money to get a good quality product.

i take a fish oil pill as well twice a day. again, a really good, clean, organic one. you really need to be careful to buy quality..

on days (read: ALL WINTER) when there is less sunlight, and i am therefore getting much less vitamin D, i will also take a few drops of liquid form vitamin D.  it helps to boost the immune system as well as reduce inflammation in the body.

i also had a comprehensive food allergy test done, and try to avoid the foods listed as causing higher inflammation for my body. it has really really helped.

i know this seems like a lot of things, but it has worked for me. scouts honor i went from the worst flare to date, and starting seeing results with 2 days of starting my process. that’s not to say i was healed overnight. no. there were good days and bad days, and some tweaking of my meds, and days i wanted to quit. but i am thrilled (understatement of the CENTURY) to report that i have been completely symptom free since october of 2012!  thank you Jesus! really.

my diet:

here’s the thing…as you have seen from my recent posts, i am not perfect at this by any means….but i am trying…each day i want to try to make a healthy choice as often as i can (and want!). each time i visit with dr. champion i am renewed in my passion for clean eating and living. i am actually starting a detox/cleanse through him on friday so i will be blogging more about that as well.

as a vegetarian (occasionally we eat salmon, but really very rarely), we eat a lot of beans, nuts, soups, salads, gluten free whole grains…i try to post many of our go to recipes here as possible. it’s SUPER easy to make food, that is good and good for ya!

i am currently trying to cut diet coke and coffee out…..oy….say a prayer to the patron saint of crazy bi$#@es. this could get ugly. during my detox i will be eliminating sugar for a week too. yikes. sorry pauly. it’s going to get real up in here.

okay i don’t want to make these posts too long, so that’s all for now, but email if you have specific questions. also, if you are interested in natural healing for any sickness (i use Dr. Champion now for common colds, the flu, yeast infections, ear infections….) you can call his office. he does phone consults, as well as in person visits. or if you don’t live here he can recommend a naturopathic physician in your area. again, shameless plug for my doctor, but i wouldn’t be doing it if i hadn’t experienced the results for myself, and truly believe this method of healing works!! just trust me :)

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