detox day six and baby!

end of day 6! last day tomorrow of the detox! whoop!! it hasn’t been bad at all, but i will be glad to have it done. although i am glad it’s still going tomorrow for V day because it will keep me from eating a whole bunch of mindless crap all day at school…

i think that’s the thing i will take away from this the most. i don’t NEED any of the junk i eat, i just want it and give into that feeling whenever the F i want.. i want to go forward being more disciplined in that. i don’t need to put into my mouth whatever pops into my head at that moment (that’s what she said…)

also i feel really good being off caffeine and sugar…i am sleeping a LOT deeper at night and am not hitting all those caffeine lows either…i am giving up diet coke for Lent this year so i will continue on that part of this endeavor until Easter.  i have also developed a deep love for all things tea, so i am hoping that will keep starbucks at bay for a while too.

i have realized i am definitely a ‘cold turkey’ type of girl. (or whatever the vegetarian version of that saying would be… ba-dum-ching!) i don’t do well allowing myself to ‘limit my intake’ of junk food. i either eat it, or i don’t. growing up, my grandma used to drive around with the air conditioner on high or off, and we all joking called her ‘max-high mary.’ paul now calls me this.. in all areas of life..because that is how i operate. air on or off. i eat sugar or i don’t. i drink coffee or i don’t. i am happy. or sad…oh wait i think that’s called bipolar….

IN EVEN BIGGER NEWS: ms eleanor had her baby!!! a little boy, everett timothy, 8lbs 13 oz 21 inches long. eleanor was in 39 hours of natural labor with this little peanut! what a badass….i can’t wait to meet him! our kiddos at school will freak OUT tomorrow when i tell them, and i love that. they are so sweet.

also: paul’s meeting went really well today! and he got on a earlier/direct flight so he got home 7 hours early! what a treat!

amy’s interview went well too! i knew it would. she will find out about grad school in the next 3 weeks. :)

alright, great day overall :)

here’s just a little reminder to take with me as the detox ends :)


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