the detox ends!!

it’s over! it’s over! it’s over! i did it! i did it! i did it! really, i am more proud of myself for doing it, than i am thankful that it’s over. i would absolutely do it again (and probably will do it twice a year), and have learned a lot about my body in the process.

things i will take away from this, in no particular order:

1. i am capable of having self discipline when i set my mind to it

2. a week is a long and short time all at the same time

3. my body functions SO much better without caffeine.

4. no caffeine= me sleeping better than i have in as long as i can remember and waking up feeling refreshed

5. i can make super satisfying meals that fit into this detox and are delish ( i never once felt hungry during this except during the partial fasting days)

6. eating really cleanly like this helps me bm like a rockstar :)

so i am sure i could/will add to that list as things come to mind, but i think that’s a pretty great week all things considered. Oh! and i lost 3 pounds. not that that was the goal, but still i’m not complaining!

so. done and done! pauly says now i get to ‘retox’ from my ‘detox’….he is clearly missing the point on this one :)

last shake!

last shake!

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