cafe lurcat

on friday pauly and i decided to celebrate valentines day. it’s just so much better to go out not on the actual day. less crowded, less expensive, less cliche :)

we tried a new (to us) place called ‘cafe lurcat’. listen: it. was. amazing. AMAZING! delicious food, incredible service, awesome atmosphere. we will for sure be back. paul called this my ‘retox’. and it really was…..we shared: a small bowl of lobster bisque (with real chunks of lobster meat…drool..), a cheese, chive, and apple salad (life changing), and unreal french fries (finger licking..). that was to start… oops! we maaaaaaaaay have over done it..slightly… then we shared chilean sea bass with a maple crust, savory sea scallops served with black rice, and sauteed brussel sprouts that were more delicious with each bite.

okay we didn’t even get dessert. NO DESSERT! that’s how amazing all the food was! we were so full and happy we decided we will just have to come back for another visit and try some desserts…

it was really fun to just talk and laugh and be together. it really was. with paul’s work being so stressful lately, and me feeling a liiiiiittttle neglected…(not that i would ever say that to him…oh wait…) it was so so nice to just be together, stress free.

but i had to wear my stupid glasses. and my body was like “what the H??!!” because of all this amazing food…and i had some…’bathroom issues’ all day…. oh well. can’t win them all. :)

it took us like, oh, 900 takes to get this semi decent one...

it took us like, oh, 900 takes to get this semi decent one…

after happy.

after happy.

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