a little blg birthday

what a fun night! it was my dear dear dear dear dear friend amy’s birthday today! we have been friends since 6th grade when she came to our school, with the coolest jeans on, and i thought “i need to be friends with her.” and just like that, bff. how could a friendship that started that way not last forever??! we have seen each other through a lot in life, and i am so thankful for her. happy birthday lucy! (lucy is her nickname because in school she really loved i love lucy, so we started calling her ‘lucy’ and it stuck! it’s actually weird for me to call her amy now :) )

this dinner was extra fun too because today was really long for me…i had an all day teacher inservice day at school. i got a lot done school prep wise, but i would have loved a day off! however, when i got off work, lucy invited us to a birthday dinner at bar la grassa in downtown minneapolis! what a fun surprise! we have been wanting to try this restaurant for a while now, and what better time to try it than with great friends and celebrating a birthday!?

okay, so again, just like cafe lurcat, this place was awesome. italian style food…amazing combinations….great atmosphere…we shared a few different types of brushetta, my favorite being charred red onion and goat cheese…sigh…..and the main courses were to die for. paul had housemade penne with shrimp, and i had gnocchi with grilled cauliflower and a fresh orange sauce. i just can’t even describe how good it was…i won’t even try because all i can think of now is “it was really really really really very good.” times a billion.

we also shared a salted carmel crepe for birthday dessert. lucy and her husband ryan were laughing at the ridiculous noises paul and i were making while eating it. but really..how could we not..it was salted carmel for crying out loud!!

it was such a fun night and a great way to end my long day!

in the words of ryan, here’s to at least 80 or so more years to come, luc! love you!

before the meal. i was much sleepier looking after all the carbs...

before the meal. i was much sleepier looking after all the carbs…

birthday girl and husband with the salted carmel goodness...

birthday girl and husband with the salted carmel goodness…



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