pancakes and cribbage

sissiebear and husband were still in town sunday morning, and we did a lot in the few hours before they left…one of them not being church..oops…we heard that our pastor wasn’t preaching and we find ourselves much less motivated to go out in the cold for anything less than greg boyd. i hope he appreciates that. so we slet in a bit and it felt wonderful.

we then, of course, made pancakes……amazing….again… and cory and summer and the boys came over for a bit…it was so fun. ashur loved playing soccer with dan and paul. tyson snuggled into emma the whole time. it was beyond precious. tyson is just starting to walk now too, so it’s so fun to hold  things he wants, and shake them just in front of his face to tempt him to walk your way. works every time.

after dan and emma left, i went and visited eleanor’s new baby, everett! oh. my. gosh. he is so snuggly and smells just like new baby. ugh…heaven…it was so fun to catch up with eleanor and hear her harrowing tale of labor and delivery. she is a super human. 39 hours of natural labor?! what!? are you kidding me?! i am not. i wouldn’t. it’s true.  all worth it in the end for sure, and i could’ve held everett all day.

when i got back home, summer and i hit the kitchen like it was our job. we made a delicious crunchy carrot and brussel sprout salad, amazing cashew cheese lasagna, and paul made his famous guacamole salsa. so. so. so. good. and all super healthy and filling! i love that. recipes soon..ish…

then when pauly and i were all alone at the end of the day we did something new: he taught me to play cribbage! it was really fun to learn, he was actually a great teacher (and yes, i know how that sounds, that’s how i meant it.), and it was nice to do something together besides watch tv at the end of the day. plus my dad and sister and tons of other family love to play cribbage, so i am happy to now be able to join them.

we decided to try to try (?) something new at least one night a week. i think we may tackle him teaching me chess next…we’ll see…

cribbage and root beer floats...i wish i liked those..they always look good...

cribbage and a root beer float…i wish i liked those..they always look good…

little everett. precious little guy.

little everett. sleeping like a ….baby……

we clearly cannot get enough pancakes into our diets. we eat them like they are going out of style.

we clearly cannot get enough pancakes into our diets. we eat them like they are going out of style. and i love ashur’s little face peaking up above the counter!

ugh! this pictures. this. picture.

ugh! i mean..come on…the cuteness level of this pic….layers and layers of cuteness….i die. 

crunchy carrot and brussel sprout salad...yum!

crunchy carrot and brussel sprout salad…yum!

pauly's guac..spicy and delicious.

pauly’s guac..spicy and delicious.


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