72 hours

woah. i feel like i just emerged from a dark cave….squinting into day light and not quite sure what just happened…not to be over dramatic, but i just had the flu. it was a bad 36 hour bug but really i was out for about 3 days recovering. today is the first day since wednesday night that i feel well enough to crawl out of bed…it was the worst and i hope no one else, especially pauly, gets it.

also, it ruined a lot of stuff. i was supposed to get an impromtu hangout time with my friend laura, whom i haven’t seen in, oh, a year (!??), and my parents were supposed to come this weekend for my mom’s birthday. :( major major bummer.

sidebar about my mom: so thursday morning around 2am is when this all struck. it was bad. real. bad. i laid on the bathroom floor for the next 10 hours. no joke. around 5 am i called my mom. why? was paul not taking care of me? no, he was amazing (more on that later). but there are still times in my life when only my mama will do. sickness is one of them. no one takes care of me like my mama. just hearing her voice was reassuring for me. and although i forbid her from actually coming here to take care of me (i would die if she got this sickness) it was just like she was here. sometimes in life, we all just need our moms to take care of us. even if we are married and 27. oh! and also it was her birthday that day!! what a gift i gave her…. a mother’s work is never done…. :) love you so much mamasita!!

so paul. he. is. un. real. i never once had to even ask for gatorade, ice chips, the ipad to watch movies, more blankets, water..nothing. he would check in on me every hour or so from the start (yes at 2 am) and even took thursday AND friday off of work so i wouldn’t have to be here alone. just in case i needed anything. i mean, come on. there is no one better than him. i’m sorry. no i’m not.

so, for the last 2 days or so i have slept and ¬†watched…oh….15 or so movies on netflix..no judgement…there was nothing else to do! i also read all of the posts under the “history” section of pinterest…ask me anything about WWII…..and re-watched some classic movies ¬†like sleepless in seattle, run away bride, my best friends wedding, and the entire first season of Downton Abbey!!! it’s so so so so good! watch it. do it now. i’m hooked and then some.

also, big thank you to nurse amy bro for bringing me some ‘feel better’ nurse stuff and a thermometer. :)

ps: i lost a few pounds, obviously due to massive dehydration, but i still feel good about it. so, we have a friend josh, who is getting married in august and i texted him and his fiance and told them (jokingly, of course!), that i swabbed the toilet seat after i got sick so we can all do a little ‘last minute wedding weight loss’ before their wedding! gross, sorry…i laughed….

so. on the up and up. hopefully for a very long time. i am in the process of disinfecting our entire place right now…pauly opened all the windows and it’s like 20 degrees in here right now, but i don’t care. we will get this sickness out of here if it kills us. :)

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