on the horizon

so i haven’t really been sure what to blog about lately. life is just going on as life does. it seems like nothing is new, nothing is happening, nothing really on the horizon…but that’s old leah’s mind set, right? :)

there are a lot of fun things in my life… maybe not right at this second…but on the horizon. such as:

we are planning a little getaway to scottsdale az in april

starting to look more seriously at homes this summer

a new job for the summer (nannying for a family from school, really excited about it)

and on the near horizon we are going on a fun little weekend cabin trip with small group on friday!

oh! and pauly bought us wild hockey game tickets for this sunday! whoop!

see..this is why i am loving this blog business. if nothing else, it forces me to contemplate the positives in my life. because. i am a dweller. i looooove to dwell. and up until this point it was primarily on the negative or at least “unpositives” in life. but now, i find myself looking for the positives in life. the fun little joys that make life good………..so……winning.

also. today i went to my first chiropractic visit in a looong time. it was funny and i was really nervous because that sound of bones cracking makes me nervous laugh while i’m there. so i’m sure he thought i was a total weirdo, nervously laughing each time he would crack my back or neck. and i felt like i was really nervously sweaty too.. i was kinda hot mess…but i do feel better from it. i think….. :)

also, tonight we had to drop off our car at the shop to get it fixed…it hasn’t been starting in the mornings…. so, to make ourselves feel better we walked to a restaurant by our place and assuaged our fears with a large margarita pizza. and it worked.

here’s to a great night, a great weekend ahead, and fun on the horizon.

the pizza. it was...meh...not great not terrible. it did the job.

the pizza. it was…meh…not great not terrible. it did the job.




  1. MAMA says

    OH MY LEAH! I felt so very bad for you! God answered our prayers and you are better. But I must say it is difficult to be so far away esp when you are sick. I am so thankful Paul takes such good care of you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. J-dizzle says

    I can’t wait for your AZ getaway!

    Also, assuaged? I’m impressed by your vocabulary. It’s one of the things I love about you.

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