forgot to title this until now (a week later..) oops!

this week has been very interesting so far….

monday: was our cousin justin’s 30th birthday! whoop! most of my family sent video wishing him a happy bday and we got to talk with him on saturday when he watched all of them. justin married my cousin allie. she is one of my best friends and is just like a sister to me. so, when she told us she was bringing her boy-toy home for us to meet….we had high standards to say the least. but he was amazing and has been a perfect fit for allie and our family. so. happy birthday justin! (if he hadn’t been a good fit, i would not have wished him a h-b. just to be clear.) :)

also on monday we met with our landlord to discuss his plans to sell our loft…..(enter debbie downer music, here.) it’s officially going on the market on thursday and although pauly and i were planning to house hunt/move this summer…we are sad to say goodbye to this place. it has been more than perfect for us for the past 3 years and i’m sure i will have a big, long, sad goodbye blog to this place when we go. but. such is life.

tuesday: ms eleanor came to school with baby everett!! okay, to say my kiddos freaked out with excitement, is the understatement of the century. they were literally jumping up and down hugging each other, while screaming/laughing/ and i’m pretty sure crying with joy…… it was like i had just said “free puppies for everyone!” to a bunch of 1st graders. so awesome. we loved having them visit and can’t wait until she returns in may to teach again! so while she was here we asked the kiddos if they had any questions for ms. eleanor about the baby. so….this is 1st grade……the first question was this: “when i was born, i was WHITE in the face. and i didn’t breathe. but then i did and i turned pink.” which spiraled into “i had a club instead of a hand when i was born!” “my mom said i had a serious face when i was born!” “my dog thought i was actually a puppy and would growl at my mom when she tried to feed me!”
per usual, awesomeness ensues in my room. love love love. i took some pics of our class with the baby….but i don’t know if i can put them on my blog without parents permission…so just trust me, it’s cute.

also tuesday, i went with summer, ashur, and tyson to the mississippi market to grocery shop. can i just say, the staff there is SO friendly, especially to kids. each time we have gone someone has brought them apple slices, or juice and come over and said hi to us. it’s so nice!

i’m sure i am forgetting some things this week but that’s what i can remember so far. it’s been full and fun and this weekend my parents are coming!! i CANNOT wait!

flower projects for spring!

flower projects for spring!

as long as we keep the boys filled with snacks, they stay in the cart pretty well! :)

as long as we keep the boys filled with snacks, they stay in the cart pretty well! :)

birthday boy justin and pauly, playing with our little cousin ari....precious.

birthday boy justin and pauly, playing with our little cousin ari….precious.

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