an (almost) snow day

this weekend with my parents has been amazing. so relaxing and fun. it’s really fun as we get older and start to view our parents as friends more than just mom and dad. they are both so loving and supportive for pauly and i, and i am so incredibly thankful for them.

this weekend we got a call that our dear little condo is going to be put on the market… sniff..sniff…we have LOVED living here, and will miss miss MISS it when we leave……..(as i am typing this i am thinking to myself : “wait. did i already write about this?” i’m too lazy to click back and reread my older blogs so i will just type endlessly about this thought process instead.. and keep talking about it………)

so anyway we have started the process of house hunting. oy. vey. who the H knew this was so hard? no one warned me. i blame all of you.

we met with a realtor on friday morning and talked about price, location, style, fears… she was great. she has since been sending us all sorts of listings online and we have been tirelessly weeding through them, hoping to find “our” house. so far no luck.

but back to my parents: this house hunting has been TREMENDOUSLY better because they are here. they are so knowledgable on what to look for, what can be changed, what should be priorities…it’s been priceless information.

on saturday we drove around after the race looking at locations. then again on sunday checking out some open houses. man….it’s really hard to be from fargo and house hunt here. it’s just not even close to the same market, price wise. daaaaaaaaaang.

aside from house hunting we have also had lunch with great fargo/now minneapolis friends on sunday, hung out with cory, summ, ashur, tyson on saturday, and eaten out, just the 4 of us, a bunch. really could not have asked for a better weekend. sidenote: ashur and tyson LOVE my parents. it was melting my heart to hear ahsur call them suzie and “teevie boy” all weekend. love love love.

SO. last night fargo gets this HUGE blizzard and they close the interstate from alexandria to fargo. this means my parents get to stay snowed in for ANOTHER DAY!!  we got some snow too and it has been really windy…so…monday (today) paul worked from home, mom and dad stayed in and i danced happy and free in my first snow day of the year!………. not. ……….NOT!!! i had to work. boooo. hissssss. but they came and met me for lunch, so it was kinda okay.

anyway. there is much more to write about regarding all these big upcoming life changes. but for  now we just made pancakes and are going to watch the celtics game! (to be in my family you have to have an unhealthy OBSESSION with the boston celtics. they are the best team of all time. ever. period. back off.)

dad, ashur, and tyson watching dinosaur train!

dad, ashur, and tyson watching dinosaur train!

ashur opening presents from my parents. they are so sweet.

ashur opening presents from my parents. they are so sweet.

pauly and dad playing cribbage at the coffee shop. i will miss having this place in our backyard when we move....

pauly and dad playing cribbage at the coffee shop. i will miss having this place in our backyard when we move….

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