i just got off the phone with my sister. we have the best conversations. she is so funny and our humor is so similar (yes, i am so funny too then by the transitive property…dang. math did come in handy today…huh….i actually don’t even know if that is math related….also. sometimes i think “why are you still typing this…”)

anyway. we were talking about working out/eating healthy and how to be better at it. we were both bemoaning our small workout rooms in our buildings (#firstworldproblems, i know..) and how we REFUSE to work out if anyone else is in there. i mean, honestly, there have been times when i have been on the treadmill for like…..literally 2 minutes….and someone else will come in and i will instantly think, “well, guess i only got a 2 minuter in today….cool down.” i just cannot handle the thought of someone else watching me workout. i think it’s because in my head, i run as if one of my legs were shorter than the other…’s not pretty and i do not wish to be silently judged by the skinny gym goer who would absolutely be mind-mocking me…..

we also talked about how we try any and all advice we hear or read…i have talked to running friends of mine about how they run and how i run and everyone is like “oh! your problem is you are running too slowly….” really? huh. that’s interesting… because when i run faster i feel not only like one leg is shorter than the other, but also that i am down to only one functional lung. so yeah. i think i am running at the right speed…..probably not. what the heck do i know…

also, emma was saying how she read this article today about 7 ways to sneak in extra workouts during your day. one of them was, and i am not kidding, brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand. so my first reaction is “(with sarcasm): oh yeah. that’s why my butt still jiggles…i have been brushing my teeth with my dominant hand like a fatty all these years!” but then my desperate side kicks in and i think…”well… won’t hurt to try it….” but then i get to teeth brushing time and i think…”ugh..i don’t have the energy for that tonight…..” but, then i feel fat for brushing with my dominant hand…..vicious cycle…

i think i am also the type of person who hates anything that is on my calendar to do, even if it is fun. so when i know that i have to workout after work, or before even, i instantly throw a tantrum in my head about it, and despise the thought of going to the gym…(and when i say “going to the gym” lets remind ourselves that i literally only have to go down 2 flights of INDOOR stairs..).. but really it could be anything, even really fun things on my schedule, but the mere fact that i “have to” do them, makes them seem like a chore….like “go to own birthday party..” and i think “ugh..i wish i could just stay in and watch downton abbey by myself….” so after all of this, we decided we both just need to be more consistent in our workouts/healthy eating….so. there you go. secrets revealed. feel free to brush with your dominant hand willy-nilly.

oh! funny school story: a coworker today was telling me that she was quizzing one of her students on her numbers and when she showed the girl the number 11 the little girl said “pause” LOL ……like the ‘pause’ button on a remote….only in america!

so this is just a small tangent blog about nothing really, but we were laughing about it all, so i hope it helps all of our tuesdays.

saw this on pinterest and thought it perfectly applied to my life at the moment:

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