the hunt is ON

okay i have been realllllllllllly bad at blogging consistently. BUT in my defense, we have been reaalllllllllllly busy lately.

things that have been (pronounced ‘bean’) happening:

1. house hunting

2. hunting for houses

3. meeting with realtors to discuss house hunting

4. going to…wait…i don’t want to be over dramatic…realistically…one BILLION open houses

5. talking about/thinking about/internetting/ otherwise being consumed by hunting for houses

so. yeah. that’s been a little bit overwhelming..

there are a lot of things happening in way of all things home for us. ie: our condo is being sold and we have 45 days from the time of selling to get the H out. OR we could find a house and then move when we want to. lots of think about.. but i do want to try to document this well because someday we will be sitting in our home and will love to look back at this and laugh at how inept we were at going about all of it….

it’s just so hard to decide what we want. no wait. the exact opposite of that, actually. i know exactly what i would want, but finding that in my price range is TOOOOOOOTALLY different. i told paul once that i would live with him anywhere, even in a cardboard box…….addendum: as long as that box had a nice kitchen with an island, a master bath, and 3 bedrooms with natural light.

in better, less stressful news:

we had friends over on friday and saturday and that was a blast. only took one picture, cuz i’m great at documenting my life, like a good blogger…..

also, we LOVE march madness in the plerg household. (ps.i’m a little nervous tubby smith is getting axed tomorrow……) so much fun and kinda makes me want to go back to college…basketball games. and i’ll have “the ball is tipped!” stuck in my head from now until at least june……

stay tuned for all things new house, and if anyone has ANY sort of advice about this situation or life in general, i am always open to it :)

the one pic taken of us. we  may have had them over for a help-us -clean-out/eat-up-the- old- food-in-our -fridge-party. but it was fun :)

the one pic taken of us. we may have had them over for a help-us -clean-out/eat-up-the- old- food-in-our -fridge-party. but it was fun :)

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