storming heaven

when i was little and newly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, i remember talking with my grandma tracy about feeling scared and unsure about what this meant for my life…. i remember her saying that she was praying for me always, and more specifically she said to me “well leah, we will just storm the gates of heaven with our prayers for you.” that has stuck with me my whole life. the idea that we can flood the heavens with our prayers and, more importantly, that Jesus hears us. this is not to suggest that unless we bombard God with our prayers, He will not answer…but rather to say that it is an amazing feeling to know that so many people are praying for a specific cause and those prayers are flooding the heavens. i like that thought.

there are so many many things in life to always be in prayer about. good and bad, we (i at least) have a lot to talk with Jesus about on the daily. lately i have been in prayer over job situations for family members, health, house stuff (!!), adoption planning, etc..the list is endless of things to worry about, be anxious over, and otherwise want to control. i want  need to give these burdens over because they are not for me to carry. THANK YOU GOD. how amazing. how AMAZING that we serve a God who shows His love by carrying our burdens. and what PEACE that should bring. it doesn’t always, lets be honest, but it should. i also want to make sure i am praying with thankfulness, contentedness, and praise as often as i am asking for things……balance leah, it’s gotta be a balance.

our pastor talked a lot on sunday about what true peace should look like in our lives. it’s a great sermon and i won’t mutilate it by trying to recap, so here’s the link if you want to listen to it. actually it may be up tomorrow so you can just keep checking this link to see if it’s up. or listen to other sermons. they are great.

anyway, a while ago greg (pastor) told us about a woman he had been talking with after a sunday sermon. he said the woman told him that her son was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and that he was very young. she went on to explain that one day she had taken her son out to the river to watch the boats and feed the ducks. as she was sitting there, she began to feel bad about how she was spending what could be these last few precious days with her son. she turned to him and said “if you could be doing anything in the world right now, what would you want to do?” she said he turned to her and smiled and said “this”.

i thought this was incredibly powerful. it was such a great reminder of appreciating the little things in life, being content with each day and happy to be living it. nothing is guaranteed in this life except Jesus’ unending love for us….but if one thing in life could be guaranteed, i’m glad it’s that.

i am writing this as a reminder for myself that i need to pray more. more often. more thankfully. more honest. for more people. to be in daily communication with Jesus. because He loves me, and i love Him.

kind of a hodge-podge of random thoughts, but hopefully encouraging nonetheless.

also, lately, there seem to be lots of heavy things that we are in prayer over. this song has really encouraged me.

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