house HUNTED!

yes! you read that right! past tense! huntED!! THE HOUSE HUNT IS OVER!!! boom baby!

after searching tirelessly for what felt like 150 years, we have decided to build a house in inver grove heights, mn! it will be (obviously) a new construction home, out in the burbs. :) ………..this was not our original intent when we set out to look for homes. we were actually really set on finding a nice home in the city and taking full advantage of all the things the city has to offer……. BUT. but…we just were not finding anything that we liked/suited our needs/wasn’t so outrageously expensive for what we would be getting. it. sucked. big time. and was very defeating. but, per usual, God is faithful. and two weeks ago we happened to stumble upon (read: continued to enter random home inquiries into google until something popped up….) this specific home building company and really liked what we saw. we went out with our realtor and my parents, to visit the neighborhood, and tour a model home. we loved it.

however, nothing in our life is that cut and dried, so of course we had to keep talking ourselves out of it….kept looking at open houses in the city…..but at the end of the day we kept finding ourselves back at the idea of building… finally, we just decided we needed to actually make a decision and move forward…and so we did! for better or worse we are homeowners now! (…..fingers crossed it’s for the better…) so mark your calendars people! july 16th building starts and october 24th we close!

i’ll post pictures of the lot and area as soon as we take a few….because i am sure everyone is DYING to see the pile of dirt that will one day be a our home….i know i am!! :)




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