happy mother’s day!

i forgot to bring my computer to fargo to post new blergs…so….sorry mama! this is a day late!

i know we are all totally bombarded through facebook, twitter, and instagram, of everyone’s little notes and pictures to their moms…but really i think that is so great. each person has a special and unique connection with their mom, and such a strong sense of love and thankfulness that they want to share it with us all. i know when i have kids i will feel so blessed and honored by my kids if they do that for me. i hope my mom feels the same about this! i love you mom and i am so blessed by you everyday.

so…there are SO many reasons why i adore my mom, here are a few:

…..her dedication to her faith is unmatched. in EVERY instance she continually draws back into the Lord for perspective and guidance. she is true prayer warrior for her family and friends, and is continually showing us what it means to desire a deep relationship with Jesus

…she has a way of offering perspective without sounding pushy or nagging

….she truly has my best interest at heart so i know her advice is solid

…..she is beyond generous to us with time, money, prayer, advice, etc

….she is still the first person i call when i feel sick or sad. even from a distance she can make me feel so much better.

…..she has taught me what it really means to be sacrificial as a spouse and mother

my  mom is truly my best friend. i think i call her (no joke) at LEAST twice a day if not more. i just like to bounce things off her, catch up on our days, and generally hear her voice. it soothes me :)

so, thank you mom for showing me how to (someday) be a great mom too. i hope to raise my kids with as much love, grace and patience as you did for us. i love you so much!!

happy mother’s day to my  mom and to my mother-in-law, too! two of the best women i know! i hope yesterday was filled with extra love and gratitude for you…you do so much to take care of us all, even in adulthood! i love you both so much!


yesterday we celebrated my mom's retirement from her at home daycare. she has faithfully served our friends and family and loving helped raise so many of us! we all love you, suzie (and stevie-boy..he helps too!)

yesterday we celebrated my mom’s retirement from her at-home daycare. she has faithfully served our friends and family for almost 3 decades now, and helped lovingly raise so many of us! we all love you, suzie (and steve-y-boy..he helps too!)

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