raindrops on roses…

…..(sing it with me now!) ‘and whiskers on kittens! bright copper kettles…and warm woolen mittens! brown paper packages, tied up with string… (*with emotion!) ‘THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!’

omg. i love that song. and that movie. it reminds me of my childhood…*sigh*…… and my grandma tracy….i can’t tell you how many times we would sit at the piano in her living room and she would play that song and we would all sing…. and then i would go and put the arm covers from the couch (i feel like they don’t make these anymore, but do you know what i am talking about?) over my head and pretend i had long hair (*cough *cough*..since i didn’t… *cough* not that i’m bitter…)  and i would dance and swing my ‘hair’ around…such great memories..

anyway, i thought it might be a good idea for me to get a little more organized with my blog postings. i *think* a few days a week i am going to *try* to post new things that are a favorite in my life…maybe some new recipes i am trying, makeup products, books, or anything else inspirational that i can think of….. a girlfriend of mine sends out emails to all of us, once a month or so, detailing her favorite things of the month,  and i LOVE hearing what other people are loving lately, so i figured maybe people who read this blog will like it to. so, mom, let me know if you like any of this…. :)

so, here are a few of my current favorite things, in no particular order:

easy summer readers: i am currently very into coco chanel’s life (i don’t know why…) …. i just finished reading ‘coco chanel and igor stravinsky’ and it’s fab.

maxi dresses: what’s not to love about these bad boys…i mean really…easy, breezy….and it makes me look like i am trying a lot harder than i actually am in life.

statement necklaces: again, easy with the look of trying hard…. i love to check out inexpensive yet still adorable sites for these like: simple addiction, 2hellobeautiful, le mode, and sometimes on zulily….these all have adorable items and are very well priced. they are good quality too. check them out!

okay so lately my skin has been breaking out (because apparently i am 14 and still have breakouts, whatever.) i also have fairly oily skin (gross, why am i sharing this…) so i heard about ‘la roche posay effaclar duo’ (just one product even though it says duo..) …this has been a LIFE SAVER. seriously, it’s amazing. i put it on at night, and in the morning under my moisturizer and makeup. it’s really drying though, so i may back off to once at night only.. but it has literally cleared my skin up in less than a week. you can find it here on amazon.

so on the skincare train…i received a small sample of this ‘ dr. t’s supergoop!’ brand under eye cream in my last birchbox (which is also a favorite)….and  at first i was like ‘whatever, eye cream is crock…’ um. no. this stuff is the real deal and i love it. i put it on in the morning and at nigh after i wash my face, and i really have seen a difference. mostly, for me, it has reduced the dark circles under my eyes. and helps to take away those little wrinkles… so, in the big sceme of things, do you need this: probably, no. but it’s kinda awesome…so….think about it. you can find it here on amazon.

massage chairs: we were so SO graciously given one by friends of ours, and i cannot get enough of it! it has the feet massagers on it too, and i am currently sitting in it while typing this….ooooooohhhhhh mama………

ray ban: i just bought a pair of glasses from these guys and i love them. i feel like they are a pretty gender neutral look overall, and look good on pretty much every face shape.  i want the sunglasses someday…but they are kinda pricey for sunglasses for me ( instead, it seems, i just buy the equivalent dollar amount in target brand…makes total sense..) ……mo money, mo problems…..

la croix water. everyone i know hates it. well, to them i say: great! more for me! i am LOVING the lime flavor as of late, but really, i am an equally opportunity la croix drinker. so refreshing, and totally busted my diet coke addiction.

speaking of beverages: have you tried caribou’s new  sparkling teas?? THEY ARE AWESOME. i get the lite lemon ginger pomegranate sparkler….oh boy…it’s refreshing, and lite, and….*sigh*…summer in a cup….. try it.

okay that’s all for now….recipes coming soon!

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