raise the roof!

cheesy, but i had to…

they put up the attic *what i now know are called* trusses! it’s looking more and more like a real live house!

here’s what happened today!

the roof from the back!

the roof from the back!


steady boys…..steady……

a little closer up....in care you were very curious...i'm sure you all are..

a little closer up….in care you were very curious…i’m sure you all are..

we were told today our *estimated* close date will be november 15th….which is a little later than we were hoping….so….all in good time, i supposeĀ that sucks… :)

okay stay tuned!


    • says

      yay! we are building the easy way compared to all your beautiful work! your home looks amazing! :) i’m glad you are checking out my blog too! it’s getting a much needed facelift soon, so hold all judgement :)

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