life lately: the pursuit of gratitude

besides building our house, traveling, having company, working, and trying to hang with friends, here is what’s been happening :) (you can pretty much bet on the fact that most of these pics will be of food. let’s be honest..)

but before that, here are some random thoughts that i have been pondering…so go with me….*ahem* i really want to try to incorporate more true gratitude into my thinking/living/writing… i am hoping these ‘life updates’ serve as that gentle reminder of all the good in my life, and that i carry that recognition throughout my day. i want to always be looking for places to be thankful and grateful.

listen. i KNOW it’s super annoying to see people who constantly post like…random trees with #blessed on them, but if i step outside my ULTRA cynical self, there is something to be said about finding beauty and thankfulness in the small things. the normal, every day, and otherwise mundane. i feel like it is so easy (too easy) for me to find something in each day that i wish would’ve gone better. and that’s fine and real and honest, i understand….but i want to have more moments of reflecting on the good, rather than the frustrating.

at this point, it is going to take me being very intentional about being positive and grateful for those thoughts to win out…. because here’s the thing: i can list right now 100 things to be thankful for…but that’s not what i am going for….instead i want to cultivate a grateful attitude in life. i want that gratefulness to come from deep down.

so. not sure what else to say about that…gotta think more about it….but right now i’m at a coffee shop and the two guys next to me are having an interesting convo about the merits of Buddhism and i want to eavesdrop. :)

happy tuesday!

 we found a new pizza place by our new house. it's DANGEROUSLY good.

we found a new pizza place by our new house. it’s DANGEROUSLY good…the easiest place for me to be grateful is with food.

me and my friends working on projects

me and my friends working on projects. thankful for the help :)

i think we can all be thankful for this picture...sweet tyson...ugh! that face!!

i think we can all be thankful for this picture…sweet tyson…ugh! that face!!

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