how is my gut? i’m glad you asked.

it’s been a while since i have posted about my journey with ulcerative colitis (UC)….so i thought i would now….at the beginning of my blog i wrote a few posts about my background with UC, my journey thus far, and my new road of healing myself through naturopathic medicine. you can remind yourself of that journey here and here if you would like :) i just thought i would give a quick update on things and also start the conversation about what specifically i have been doing lately to take care of myself.

first of all, i am OVER JOYED!!!!!!! to say that i have been completely symptom free from my UC for over a year now! and i have done so entirely through naturopathic medicine. i won’t go into the oh-so-pleasant details here….but let’s just say, everything is running reeeeeeeeeeeally well. in addition to being symptom free, i have also found great peace around my battle with this disease. it is a beautiful feeling knowing that natural, God given, foods and vitamins and minerals actually can and DO make a difference in how we feel and how our bodies function. i am living proof.

a few food updates: well. i did it. i actually gave up caffeine. NO MORE DIET COKE OR COFFEE. since last february, you guys! i guess this is only truly miraculous if you really knew me prior to my bitter break up with these delicious nectars… but just trust me, it was ugly for a few days. lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth, but since giving it up i feel better, sleep better, don’t snack as much…well….not as much…. and i know that i am not putting any harmful, and/or at least non-beneficial chemicals into my system. i now enjoy copious amounts of green tea (unsweetened), and la croix water by the costco crateful. baby steps.

i have been trying to post more recipes on this little blog-o-mine too. these are our biggest ‘go-to’ meals, and the ones that leave both pauly and i feeling full and healthy at the end of dinner. in the next few weeks, i am going to post my daily meal plan just so you can really see what happens in a typical day for me….buuuuut…i might wait till after halloween……let’s be honest…..

so this is a start of what’s been up lately with all things my intestines. i’m sure you are all so glad to know.

really, honestly, though, i am so so thankful for the freedom i am having with my disease now, and am forever trying to find new ways to treat my body right. i’m not perfect (hence all the peanut butter cup wrappers in my garbage can right now….) but i am trying and i think that is all any of us can ask of ourselves. ABT. always. be. trying.


  1. The best person you have ever known says

    Cousin! You inspire me so much! You are so strong and so healthy and I strive to be like you in all ways! Hence why I just got bangs… Love you!

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