house update: what the WHAT!?

yesterday we had our final walk through for the house! close date is next wednesday! CAN. YOU. BELIEVE. IT?! everything is pretty much finished….sidewalks and driveway are supposed to go in by monday too! sadly, no sod or landscaping until the spring. DANG this cold! DANG IT ALL TO H!!!

however……. i did have a small heart attack when we walked up to the house yesterday and saw this:

yeah. giant chunk of roof gone....

yeah. giant chunk of roof gone….

apparently they had misread the plans and needed to correct the roof line here. seems like a lot of extra work for something we NEVER would have noticed, but…..whatever…...i have learned to just go with the flow on all things home building…..  haha kidding. but it is what it is.

in brighter news, my parents, sissiebear and bro-in-law are all here now too! so, it’s real! it’s happening! we are officially moving in! (cue nervous vomit: here). AND we FINALLY picked out a couch/living room furniture! although we of course waited until the 11th hour, and it won’t be delivered until mid december, i REALLY love what we picked and can’t wait to show you all pictures! AND AND! our table arrived! we had a big farm style table made for us by someone near to Fargo, and it’s beautiful! (and was really super inexpensive: win win.)  but….in true fashion of our home building experience, it was the wrong size in both length and width, and we have to send it back and get a replacement…(insert my new mantra here: ‘first world problems…first world problems…first world problems..’ ‘this is NOT a big deal…first world problems..’) all things considered things are really going well and we are so pumped for wednesday!

LOTS more to come! stay tuned!

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