adoption option: and so it begins!

i can’t even believe i am typing this entry. honestly. i never thought this day would come:  as of today, my dear friends, paul and i have officially begun the adoption process! it’s really happening.

this has been something we have prayed about, talked about, dreamed about our entire marriage, (and that’s almost 9 years, mind you) and the time for action is now. through prayer and planning we have concluded that this is it! let’s do this!

i am going to try to chronicle our journey as thoroughly as possible. i want to remember this time with crystal clarity. i would love for our future children to be able to read these posts some day and understand fully how amazing this process was. will it be hard? yes. but unbelievable and life changing in the best way possible? no doubt in my mind.

last monday we contacted a consulting firm, based in georgia, about helping us with our process. this is not a necessary step, to use a consulting firm, but we decided getting a little more hand-holding the first time around seemed like a good thing for us. it helped too that friends of ours used this same agency for one of their adoptions, and only had the best things to say about them.  this agency will help us with our home study, paperwork navigation, and then ultimately they will be the ones we send our profile to. they then will send us out into the ‘adoption-sphere’ in hopes of getting matched!

so this weekend we filled out the necessary paperwork to apply to this consulting firm, and (fingers crossed!) when we get approved, that’s when the ball will really start rolling!

so thank you everyone, in advance, for your prayers, support, and love. it takes a village, and we are counting on you to help us through!


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