adoption option: why adoption?

we found out today that the consulting agency we applied to accepted our application and we can officially move forward in our adoption process! next comes a home study, more paperwork, and making our profile. i will keep giving updates as they come in, but we are so excited to have been approved for this first step! it’s really happening!! prepare yourselves, village :)

so, i want to address why we have chosen to adopt. there are lots of factors here, and lots more to tell about our process, but i will address today why we chose to adopt at all. i can chuckle about it now, but there have been, on more than one occasion, sincere questions about my ability to birth children. like, to my face.  from (almost) perfect strangers. most commonly, we get asked “oh you’re adopting!” (a little quieter) “are you barren?” it’s a little shocking, but, we get it. people have questions and want to know more.  i don’t take it personally or get really offended by it. it’s just funny to me that that is one of the first questions people have when they find out we are adopting. and if not a question, i can see it on their face….”oh your adopting!” followed by a slight narrowing of the eyes, glance at my stomach, tilt of the head, and then, after awkward eye contact back at my face, a quick “that is so great!” again, i get it. it’s not the ‘norm’ for people to consider adoption unless it’s due to infertility, and let me be clear: there is NOTHING wrong with that. we are PRO PRO PRO adoption in whatever form it comes in. however for us, our adoption option was just that, our option.

so let me get this out of the way right away: i honestly have no idea if i can have biological children or not. we’ve never pulled the goalie to find out. so….there ya go..tell your friends so i don’t have to. haha. just kidding. kinda.

(oh, on a hilarious note: i have also been asked  “are you adopting because you don’t want to ruin your figure?” to which i reply: “hahahahahah! yeah. i can’t risk ruining this bod… trainers ‘ben & jerry’ would kill me.”)

so here is the truth behind our adoption option:

we decided to adopt because we have fallen in love with the parallels between our adoption into the family of Christ, and  the process of adoption as a means of growing our family. we so connect with the idea that no matter who you are, where you are from, what color your skin is, or who birthed you, we can call each other family, and love each other unconditionally. since we don’t have any biological children, we figured why not go ahead and adopt first? those children will be just as much “ours” as any biological children will be, and we have such a heart for adoption now, that we don’t want to wait. :)

we are starting to fill out more paperwork now, and i will be posting more on our process soon. there’s a lot more to tell, but this is getting long…

so, all of this to say, we are open to your questions that come from a place of love and support. we know not all of our choices makes sense to everyone, and there is a lot that we will share about our journey…..not everything. but a lot….to answer as many questions as possible. thank you for being a loving, supportive, encouraging, village. we are blessed by you!


  1. Vanessa says

    Hi Leah! Just found your blog today, and I can SO relate to this post! My husband and I are starting the foster-to-adopt process through the state (first training class is tomorrow!), and it’s also our first choice. I was prepared for the “can’t you have your own” question, but when my answer to one lady at church was “I don’t know, we’ve never tried”, she came back with “So you just don’t do it?!” Wasn’t expecting that question! I stumbled over something like “Of course, we’re just careful”, and she said “Oh, you’re on birth control!” YES, why couldn’t that have been your first assumption?! Anyway, thought I’d share my funny. :) Thank you for writing about your experiences! It’s so nice to know we aren’t alone. :)

    • says

      Vanessa! Thanks for reading! :) oh my gosh I am dying over your story! Who keeps asking questions like that?!? Lol we have to learn to laugh in these moments! :) so excited for you and your process too!! Keep me updated on how it’s going! You are definitely not alone, girl! We are here for each other!

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