taming the beast

okay, so christmas is over, valentines day is gone, and my 14 day detox is finally finished!  which means?? my gut has taken one serious beating over the last few months. holiday stress, sugary foods, moving to a new house, detoxifying, and now the stress of the adoption process all point to me having one giant ulcerative colitis flare…..or at least it used to. but because i’ve basically made my digestive track my B in life, times like these don’t worry me much at all.

with the help of my naturopathic doctor, Nate Champion (and…have we talked about how great the name “champion” is for a doctor?!), i have been completely symptoms free for almost 2 years. i’m off all my pharmaceutical medications, and with the help of diet, lifestyle, and supplements, i can now approach ‘what would be flares’ with confidence. the beast that used to instill fear and trembling, as officially been tamed. :) too dramatic? have we met? ( you can read all about my journey under “my journey with ulcerative colitis” at the top of the page.)

like i’ve said before, stress is the biggest trigger for me and my UC. and my symptoms usually flare after the stressful event has come and gone….like a maniacal little monster poking a stick at my inability to cope well under stress….. but now, i know my body and what to look for in terms of signs of stress and flares, and i take the necessary steps to soothe my gut and immune system  to keep things under control. then, i just live my life….and it’s glorious. it’s a lot of work at times, but SO much better than feeling awful.

my doctor now has a blog where he talks more in depth of his work and study of crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and IBD, and i’ve added a button on the side of my blog as a link to that site.  please check them out if you have more questions about what naturopathic medicine is all about, or if you have specific questions about your gut health! (actually,  your health in general. he and his wife work together on women’s issues, infertility, gut health, and mental/emotional health resources as well.)

very good! stay healthy, my friends!


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