our adoption option: ascending mount paperwork

we knew this was coming. we’ve been preparing. we’ve heard tale of the giant that is before us… a mountain we (affectionately) call, ‘mount paperwork.’  but after receiving our first package yesterday containing the initial paperwork for our home study, it has been confirmed: this is not for the faint of heart. after opening the package and seeing packet after packet fall onto the kitchen counter, i immediately and without hesitation baked a dozen frozen chocolate chip cookies, and ate them mindlessly while staring blankly at the packets before me….just for the smell of it. naturally.

so here’s the game plan:  just like our syllabi in college, we will attack this one step at a time. one page at a time, one essay question at a time. i will not get overwhelmed. i will not get overwhelmed…

the good/bad thing about this paperwork is they are asking us some really deep questions. great things for us to think about as we prepare to be first time parents, but some take a lot of time and thought. since we are choosing to adopt through a Christian based agency, a lot of the questions center around our relationship with Christ. and it’s not like they are hard to answer, just….involved. like, “describe how you handle sin in your life.”   umm….okay…..let me just jot that down for ya quick….sooooo…are we talking like, real sin, or  “i love too deeply and i feel like it’s a stumbling block at times….” i am assuming they want the truth, and i guess honesty is the best policy…. i just have to figure out a way to eloquently say “sometimes, i can be a reeeeeeeal bitch.” “oh, and sometimes i swear. but i’m working on that…”

other questions ask us to address our parenting philosophy…..and at this point in our never ending essay test, i just want to say “listen: i know my kids will end up in therapy for something i did or didn’t do at some point in their lives. and i’ve accepted that.” but….that’s probably not what they are going for either…..maybe i’ll save that one for when the sugar from the cookies kicks in…….

for as much as i joke about it, it’s very exciting. we are actually moving forward…to actually adopt an actual human being…making us actual parents….and actually, i can’t wait.

just pray for our ascent up the mountain.

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