ooooo la la

as you may have noticed, my blog has a new ‘do!   thanks to the TREMENDOUS and GENEROUS talents of my brother-in-law kyle and my dear friend megan, treasure & heart got a facelift! what do you think?? personally, i love it…. i may be biased though…. :)

so BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE NOW! i cannot guarantee that all my followers were transferred over to this site, so be sure to subscribe and stay up to date on all things, house, food, daily life, and adoption in plergville!!

and i really can’t say a big enough thank you to kyle and megan. they worked HOURS on this for me out of the pure gold that lines their lion sized hearts. it is a huge blessing to me and i am so so grateful.

happy hump day people! i’m heading out to enjoy this AWESOME SUNSHINE!! (by sitting at starbucks….but close to a window! that counts as the great outdoors in my book…and let’s get real: it’s like mid 30’s outside…)



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