adoption option: my paper pregnancy

this is a real thing. because the internet tells me so. and i’m living it. i originally read this term the other day on an instagram post, and i think it’s absolutely perfect: ‘paper pregnancy’. that’s exactly what it is… this time, before the baby comes where we are preparing, planning, dreaming, and imagining our life as our new family. we are anxiously anticipating his or her arrival; wondering what he/she will look like, what they will feel like, smell like, and how we will be as parents. i am growing, although not physically, through this process, and it is preparing us for the birth of our child! through the endless amounts of paperwork, we have no choice but to ponder the deep, deep inner workings of our marriage, faith, growing up years, and future. i just finished an essay on myself, who and why i am who i am, and where i see myself in ten years. oof. my. brain. hurts. but in the best way.

yes. overwhelming. for sure. but so. so. SO. gloriously worth it. i can’t wait. i’m just excited today. that’s all this post is. just excitement. nothing new to learn. no ground breaking revelations. just……joy. :)

thank you for being excited with us!! whoop! also: let’s think of a name to call this little guy/gal, shall we? here are my front runners:

baby berg

baby plerg

bb (baby berg) 

super original…i know….any suggestions? this is important people! he/she needs a hashtag! :)




  1. Karen Kraakevik says

    Hi Leah,

    I ran across you on Jordan’s Instagram. I don’t know if you remember me but I’m Josh’s sis in law. We chatted with you guys at the wedding about our adoption. I enjoyed reading a few entries from your blog. You sound just like me when we were getting ready for Kai. I know we didn’t get to really just sit down & chat without distraction during the wedding weekend but feel free to email or call anytime. It’s an overwhelming emotional process & I find myself now being challenged on what to do as a mom but also how to raise Kai to openly know his story. Especially now that his Aunt & cousin live in our small little town, which is a very good thing, thankfully. Any way it sounds like things are getting exciting in your world. Lots of prayers from us! :)

    p.s. We love our Mountain Buggy stroller vs BOB ;-)

    Jamie, Karen & Malachi (Kai) Kraakevik

  2. says

    Yes, Paper Pregnancy is a wonderful way to describe the journey to becoming parents through adoption. May the journey to your child be as blessed as the journey that begins once you bring your child home!

    Joy and Peace!

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