house update: living room tour

ooooooooooooookay….it’s been a long long time since i’ve done a post about our house. i would love to say this is due to the fact that all of our effort has been poured into the adoption process… but mostly, the house has been in a bit of disarray and i couldn’t show that because i have an image to keep up…hahahaha! just kidding. i have just been too lazy to take pictures and write a post about it.  but with the help of my amazing friend eleanor, this space is finally coming together and i am no longer embarrassed to take pictures! (and, i think pauly and i are ‘nesting’… this week we have accomplished so many projects around the house! it feels so great!)

also, pauly MADE the tv console table. yes. you read that right: made it. he’s going to do a post soon about how he DIY’d the whole thing. but seriously, so proud of him.

(these pictures were all taken with my iphone…so…. not great quality, but if you click on each individual picture it should open a larger one that is easier to see.. someday i’ll get a real camera…)


a sunny shot of the living room!


our main level is open concept, so to keep an open feel we divided the living and dining rooms with two oversized chairs


another view from the stairs. also: it’s annoying trying to take pictures with bright sunshine, but: BRIGHT SUNSHINE!!!!


this rug we found at lowes. yep. lowes.

i knew i wanted to add some shelving above the love seat, but i wasn’t sure how i wanted to arrange it. so, we started by using blue painters tape to mark where we thought we wanted the shelves and mounted picture frame to go. this way we could easily adjust the height and layout as we went.  genius, i know.

then it was just a little drilling here, a little leveling there, and BAM: the finished product! minus needing to fill the frames with pictures. (although do you see the big frame? that’s my grandma mary as a little girl. too cute..)  fyi: the shelves are from ikea.

alright! there you have it! our living room (pretty much) complete!




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