adoption option: homestudy scheduled!

in the world of  my “paper pregnancy” i’m not sure where this puts us ‘trimester’ wise, but we have our homestudy scheduled, people! this means that we are only 3 visits with our social worker, 6 hours of online training, 8 hours of in person training, 1 profile book, and innumerable essays away from bringing home baby B! (hmmmmmmm…..that sounded a lot more do-able in my head…..) bottom line: one step closer!  in case you are unfamiliar with how the process works, now we will meet with our social worker 3 times, for 3 hours each time and discuss our life, finances, parenting styles, and so much more…then she will combine all of that information into one giant plerg-based research paper and voila! we will be deemed fit to adopt! then we will finish our profile book, which is a shutterfly/snapfish type photo book detailing our life and families, and that is what the birth moms will read in order to pick us! it may sound like a lot left to do, but we are hoping to be ready to be picked by early this summer! whoop!

so in honor of getting one step closer, this weekend we (read: paul) moved all of the bedroom furniture out of the guest room, and officially declared it the nursery! :) so…..panic is setting in only slightly…..and i will be pinning nursery stuff like a freak over the next few weeks…..

alright! off to pin! hashtag: pray for paul. it’s ’bout to get craaaaaaaazy up in here…..

and thank you for all your continued prayer and love and support. honestly, we talk daily about how blessed we are to have such an incredible village online and in person!


let the next stage begin! also: how cute is my erin condren life planner?! i can't get enough of it.

let the next stage begin! also: how cute is my erin condren life planner?! i can’t get enough of it. and it has been CLUTCH in keeping all of our adoption stuff organized.


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    Leah, this is so exciting! Thank you for sharing your journey with us and, although my children are all older than my Pinterest account, I can think of few things more fun to pin than nursery ideas. :-)

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