mother’s day, marathons, and other monumental moments

this past weekend we visited family in fargo, and pauly ran in his very first half marathon! i was SO proud of him, as i am sure you have seen on my instagram account :) plus being able to celebrate mother’s day with both of our moms was the capper to a truly great weekend!


tonight, we have our very first homestudy! i am nervous, and excited, and ready and not ready, all at the same time! pray for us, will you? we are hoping for a great connection with our social worker, no delays in paperwork, and that our study would get written quickly. after this stage we are officially ready to be ‘out there’ (ie: ready to be picked). i’ll be sure to keep you updated, and many pics on instagram for sure, so be sure to follow me there if you haven’t already!

also, as you’ve seen on IG, i got my first mother’s day cards this weekend! my mom, sissiebear, and pauly all gave me cards to celebrate my ‘soon-to-be’ mommyhood. honestly, i felt so blessed. i had girlfriends texting me that day as well, and i cannot even BEGIN to tell you guys what that means to me. the fact that people are excited for us and are anticipating the arrival as much as we are is indescribable. i have heard girlfriends talk about how amazing it is to see other people love your kids, but to see other people love our kids they have never met is….beyond words…thank you all so much. and to all those encouraging us through IG and other blogs…you guys are amazing. we feel so blessed to have such a great village of people supporting us!


alright! off to keep cleaning! :) wish us luck tonight!!

here’s the highlight reel from the weekend, in no particular order! happy monday everyone!





i loved celebrating my sissie’s first mother’s day! she is an UNBELIEVABLE mother…such a natural. evan ADORES her. as do we all. this is us celebrating the day with a song….and our microphones :) 


free pizza after the race?! worth it!


everyone in this pic ran the marathon….except me…..aaaaaaand i’m okay with that :) 

this looks like he’s saying “no pictures!” but he’s really high-fiving me after the race :) he ran it with an 8 min 42 sec pace! 1:53 for his time! hashtag: studmuffin.

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