adoption option: …and then our whole life changed

if you follow me on instagram i am sure you’ve seen the complete roller coaster that was July 24th, in the PLerg houseshold!  if you don’t follow me (you should!), i’ll catch you up: We were chosen last night, by a birthmom and we are officially parents-to-be! the whole night was a total whirlwind, but i want to fill you in on as many details as i can remember :) it was hands-down the best night of our life so far, and this unexpected surprise was perfectly perfect in every single way. our God is good like that, isn’t He!? here’s how it went down:

yesterday i was in a FUNK. with a capital F. as you may have seen from my first post on IG of the day, i was feeling super sorry for myself because we had been waiting to hear from a birthmom for 4 days. yeah. 4. i’m not patient…have we talked about this?…… anyway, this birthmom has had our profile book for a few days, and yesterday i had completely convinced myself that we were NEVER going to be picked, that she must have HATED our book and that the only GOOD thing to do was lie in bed and eat sleeve after sleeve  a few oreos and watch netflix. a few hours…and several dozen chick flicks, later, i pulled myself out of bed and got ready to go to the party.

when i got to the restaurant i decided i was going to just put it all out of my mind, enjoy the night, and keep my phone in my purse so it didn’t stare at me all night long. i just wanted to have fun with friends and not think about ‘not being picked’. about the time i slipped my phone into my purse, our consultant from faithful adoption consultants, courtney, called…….aaaaaaaand, i missed it……. thankfully pauly kept his phone in his pocket, because all of a sudden he shot up from the table and yelled “LEAH! IT’S COURTNEY!” i responded with the only logical answer, “no it’s not.”  he didn’t even respond to this utter ridiculousness, and ran out to the patio to answer the call. ……i am still sitting at the table…….after a few beats my friend summer yells “leah! go with him!”  i snap out of it and dash to the patio.

i run up to pauly just as he tells courtney, “i’m not sure why you are calling, but my heart is pounding out of my chest!” she laughs and said she had great news– we are going to be parents! immediately we both BURST into tears, and all i could think to say back to her was “thank you for calling us!”……….. i mean…come on, leah. i should’ve practiced what i would say….. whatever. it was all that was in my head at the time. we talked for another few minutes, and honestly, i have NO CLUE what she said to us. my mind was buzzing with everything and nothing all at the same time.

as we were taking the call, my friend summer had lightning fast reflexes, grabbed my phone, snapped a few pictures, and took videos of the whole thing! it was amazing! what an incredible gift and blessing for us to have that video and those pictures to remember this night by! oh, and did i mention that we know drew the attention of the ENTIRE patio section?? people were cheering for us and some women were even crying with us! one table sent over champaign! it was so so SO special.

that is what i love about adoption…it’s totally community. we could NEVER have gotten here on our own. we will NEVER be able to parent on our own, and we would NEVER want to celebrate these milestones in our life, alone. adoption attracts community. and it is beautiful.

man… we got one phone call at a restaurant on a thursday night…….and then our whole life changed.

ps: the baby is due august 31st, but we are thinking she will be induced sooner than that. we do not know the gender of the babe yet, and we hope to be there for the birth if possible! as we get more details i will be blogging them here so stay tuned! and, thank you village. the literally hundreds of IG comments, likes, notes, messages, facebook posts, emails, voicemails, texts, phone calls, and love from you is……indescribable. it brings us to our knees in thankfulness and we are forever grateful for you all.

so..i can’t figure out how to post the video straight to this page, but here is the link to the video of us getting the call! it’s up on youtube now if you need to watch it 150 million times a day, like me :)







  1. Sarah says

    So happy for you! Also there aren’t enough tears in my eyeballs to watch your video more than once! thank you for sharing your story. You are an amazing duo. My heart is filled to know that a child will receive your love and grow in your guidance! Happiest to you two and to that blessed little babe.

  2. Bethany Tompkins says

    ^^Mom and I are just sitting here in silence with our respective MacBooks, reading and quietly sobbing to ourselves. I’m just so so SO incredibly happy for you guys. UGH I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amy McCloud says

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful story! My mom still tells me about “the call” they received from the agency that they had a baby girl waiting in Fargo. The gal said my birthdate and my mom responded, “I already have a child with that birthdate.” (My brother and I share a birthdate but I also celebrate my “Gotchya Day” which was a month after I was born.)

    I’m anxious to watch your journey. Adoption is such a beautiful gift.

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