for the last time

it was a big day in the PLerg household! today marks 9 years of wedded bliss. if we were a child, we’d be a third grader.  if we were a goldfish, we’d be dead.

of course special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries cause all sorts of nostalgic feelings to swell, and today was no exception. however, since my personality is prone to the dramatic/at times depressive realistic, big occasions also cause me to think about all the ‘lasts’ that an event marks. for example when we graduated from high school, pretty much my entire senior year i would say things like “awwwww! this is our last friday of class!” or “wow! we this is our last lunch break as seniors!” or “(teary) guys, this is the last wednesday before the last thursday before the last weekend before the last week of class we will ever have in this school..” i’m sure i was super annoying, but i like to think of it as sentimental. :)

so as the days closes, here are some of the ‘lasts’ that i have been thinking about as we embark on what is sure to be our most influential year yet (in no particular order):

the last anniversary date night without kids

the last birthdays we will celebrate without kids

the last single digit year of marriage

my last first and last days of school as a teacher (for a while at least!)

the (few) times we will stay up until 2am catching up on “Suits” or “Sherlock” (amazing TV, fyi..)

the last times we will sleep late and wake up refreshed

the last times people can ask us, “so when are you having kids??!”



there are many many more lasts and i am SURE i will post all of them to instagram :) but for now i must quit so we can go and have our last dessert for our last anniversary without kids.

ps: (and i have to do this here, because i forgot to get him a card! whoops!)   i love you pauly. you actually do make me a better person, i’m not just saying that. there is no one who loves as well as you do. you motivate me to be a more selfless person, and you are an amazing example of what it means to both stick to your convictions and grow as a person at the same time. i am so thankful for you, there aren’t enough words to describe it. i love you more and more each day–for real.


the last late night trip to paul's office to do the last of the adoption paperwork!

the last late night trip to paul’s office to do the last of the adoption paperwork!


the last selfie of the last time we are at pauly's office doing the last of the paperwork!

the last selfie of the last time we are at pauly’s office doing the last of the paperwork! …..i’m out of control….



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