adoption option: miracles

okay, sorry for my cryptic instagram today :) it’s been a whirlwind (or rather, continues to be a whirlwind) around here lately, and it has been amazing to see God work in it all.

how amazing you ask? well for starters we got to meet our birthmom on sunday! yep, you read that right: we MET HER!! guys. guys guys guys guys. i can’t even…….it was incredible! she is as loving and beautiful and selfless and hilarious as when we talked on the phone, but to SEE her, HUG her, BE WITH HER in REAL LIFE??! IS THIS REAL LIFE??!! :) and it is. and it’s beautiful.

here’s how God worked that: we were planning to be out of town for a wedding last weekend.  it “just so happens” that our birthmom lives in that same exact city. (what?!) and when we sheepishly asked if she would be open to seeing us, she was as thrilled as we were!  if the wedding had been a few weeks earlier, we wouldn’t have been picked yet/we wouldn’t know her. if the wedding had been any later, she would have been out of town and we wouldn’t be able to meet until the birth.  this was the EXACT weekend for us to meet her, and we had plane tickets booked months ago. God is good. really, really good. it was a day we will treasure forever, and we are beyond thankful and blessed. #blessed.

*i would also like to take a moment and give a shout out to faithful adoption consultants, and more specifically our consultant, courtney. she helped orchestrate this entire day of meeting, drove hours out of her way on a sunday to meet with us and our birthmom, drove our birthmom to and from the get together, and still made it home to her 6 kids for family dinner the night before their first day of school. she is a real life super hero and we are so SO thankful for her and her work.( if you have any questions about what faithful adoption consultants does, please feel free to email me! i would LOVE to talk them up to you :) ). *

okay, so that’s pretty amazing by itself, right? it gets better. so, for many different reasons, our birthmom is not giving birth in her home state, but is flying to another state to give birth there. (friendlier adoption laws, etc..) so, today was the day that she was going to fly from her home state to the state where she will give birth. she has never flown before and was nervous about how it would go, understandably. her flight was scheduled to leave at 5pm today, and when i talked with her at 3pm, she was planning to leave her house at 4pm for her 5pm flight… for those of you who fly….one hour from house to gate is not anywhere near enough time. let alone on your first flight ever. with tons of stuff. at an unfamiliar airport…..yeah. i panicked. i called her social worker, and mine, and hers again, and paul, and my mom. we were all nervous. across the board. i was pleading with God at this point, like, borderline, “i’ll never gossip or lie and i’ll give all my money to the homeless if she just makes this flight!”, kind of praying.. there was no way she was going to make it. at 4:40 she ARRIVED at the airport and got in line at security. 4:40! that’s 20 measly minutes to get through security, find her gate, and board the plane. not. gonna. happen. *enter, stage left: God*  at 5:10 i get a text from her social worker that said “she made it!” SHE MADE IT! i texted her right away to see if it was true, and she said “we made it but i’ve never been so nervous! i was rude and budged in line, and asked for one of those cart things, but we made it!” i cried. i cry a lot these days.

it’s a real life miracle people. all of it. our relationship with her is a miracle. her making this flight was a MIRACLE. this baby is a miracle. thank you Jesus for how well you love us.

stay tuned! it’s guaranteed to get crazier! :) the baby is due August 25th, and we are scheduled to fly out the 20th to be with her! please continue to cover our story in prayer. it works! it really really REALLY works. God is good! (can i get an, “ALL THE TIME!”)



  1. Ana Jensen says

    I love you Leah! I love that you are sharing your story and giving God all of the glory in this! This post gave me a chill at how awesome God is and how HE is making all of this happen!

  2. Jamie Horn says

    Haha. This is so awesome! I love the sheer roller coaster of it all (well especially because it all ended so well) Love you Leah! I am so glad I got to read this story! I am excited to meet this little one who is so loved and cared for by many!

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