home sweet home

we are back! it feels so weird to be writing again! i think i have taken the easy way out lately and “blogged” via instagram instead of actually sitting down and writing…but i want to get back into this because i want to remember and have these stories written out for viv someday. and let’s be honest, “too lazy to blog” really translates into “what the F just happened over the last 14 days/ i haven’t slept in DAYS!!!!!! so, giving myself some “mom grace”. baby steps.

i have gotten so many amazing emails from women from all over talking about their adoption journeys, congratulating us on Viv, and asking questions about our process! it’s amazing and so beautiful. disclaimer: if you have emailed me i am working hard to respond as fast as possible! i will respond though! pinky swear! :)

well, this one is just going to be short and sweet. letting you all know that this was the trip of our lifetime, and that we are so so SO SO SO (i’m shouting now) SOOOOO thankful for all of the sweet texts, messages, emails, phone calls, visits, and gifts we have been blessed with during our time in AZ as well as now that we are home. this village, i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, it’s better than all the rest.

ill be blogging as much as i can too now that i’m home! i have a ton of entries i’m working on such as:

-Vivian’s birth story

-how to love your birth mom well

how to pack for your adoption

-what the H did we just do?!

-gah! i JUST changed you!

-does she feel warm to you?

-how to bathe your child and simultaneously rip their belly button off

-mom guilt

and much much more! so stay tuned!

okay gotta run– my baby is crying… gosh. it feels so amazing to type that. :)

Here’s some vivi love for your….what day is it…….


PS. she’s not ALWAYS in this bow…just MOST of the time. :)




  1. Auntiebear says

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!! I love YOU. I love VIVI. I love your BLOG. I love that you’re HOME. I love that you’re still in your PAJAMAS. (Me too.) FRIDAY can’t come SOON ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

  2. Nikole says

    Hahaha love the part about bathing baby and ripping off her cord. I’m sure that scared the s out of you when it happened but it’s funny now:D to me at least;)
    Loooove all the pics of baby Viv and cannot wait to meet her!!!

  3. Crishana says

    I know you are doing an awesome job! Muah! Muah! Muah! I secretly loved the sleepless nights… I got all the time with the babies while hubby was sleeping. (NO SHARING) Hee hee It’s when you go back to work and getting a little bit of sleep when you give them the “side eye.”

    I can’t wait to read more about the journey. Take your time, we will be here, waiting (face pressed against the window and shouting, “Open! Open! Open!”)

    • says

      Hahahahah! yeah…just “me and vivi” time is seriously the best!! but i am TOTALLY trying the “side eye!” lol!! thanks for always being there for me friend. so thankful for you!! hahah! i’ll be typing as much as i can…but in the mean time….bring glass cleaner :)

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