i wish you a “swell forever”

one day, a week or so before we left to go and meet our precious birth mom and soon-to-be baby girl, i received an email from the sweetest woman named brooke. she is the founder of the company “Swell Forever” and asked if i would like to receive a beautiful gift from them in honor of our up coming adoption. UM. YES! i sure would! as i began to discover this amazing company and what they stand for, i became more and more overwhelmingly thankful for this precious gift we were about to receive, and fell in love with what this company stands for.

brooke started her company in 2013, creating beautiful, one of a kind  blankets to be given as treasured heirlooms gifts. what makes these blankets over the top, extra special is the message she includes with each one. on every blanket is sewn a sweet message from a loved one–something they want the receiver to cherish forever. as she says on her blog, it’s a way of wishing someone a “swell forever” or a “happily ever after.”

not only is she amazingly creative, brooke also has a beautifully open heart for children in foster care and those who are need to be adopted. she calls her company “Swell Forever” because that is what she wishes for the 100,00 children waiting to be adopted in the US foster care system– she wishes a happily ever after for them. not only do these blankets provide someone with a cherished heirloom, but a portion of each purchase goes toward their adoption fund and grants! their goal is to one day provide one grant per month to a waiting forever family. their hearts are specifically for foster-to-adopt children and well as special needs kiddos in need of forever homes. such an amazing heart on this girl. to find out more about their adoption fund and their hearts for adoption, or to support this amazing company, check out their page here.

in light of our adoption, this idea is beyond precious. after talking with brooke, i contacted our birth mom Mo and asked her if she would like to include a special message for viv on the blanket; something she would want viv to see and remember forever. immediately she said “i want it to say ‘i’ve always loved you, and i always will.’ “…….yeah………tears.       i emailed this to brooke, and a few weeks later we received our most treasured baby gift. this blanket means the world to us, and will to viv some day too. its our way of keeping Mo close to us everyday, and a reminder of her loving heart for her baby.

i cannot recommend this company highly enough. for anyone looking for a special gift to give a loved one, this. is. it.     snuggling with our cuddly soft blanket, our cuddly soft baby, and reading those precious words from Mo is…..priceless to us.

thank you brooke and Swell Forever! we absolutely love our blanket!




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    Beautiful blanket and beautiful sentiment. Simply priceless. You, your husband, your daughter and her birth mom are so blessed to be the reipients of such great love among one another. Every time you post about this I’m moved beyond words. Thank you for sharing, Leah.

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      thank you lisa! we are so blessed. i didn’t know we could love like this :) thank you for your sweet words. i’m so thankful for you!

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