About Me

This page is hard for me….i mean…what about me? The entire blog will really be about me, but here’s the highlight reel:

*i love Jesus. i am trying to grow in my faith daily..i want to look like Him more and more each day. it’s hard sometimes.

*married for 8 years to Paul ..really, honestly, he’s unreal…you’ll see..

*no kiddos but we are starting the adoption process soon! EEK! expect a lot of blogs about that!

*28 years old

*I have ulcerative colitis and have been VERY successful healing myself through natural supplements and diet (more on this too!)

*LOVE my husband, my family, and my friends, mucho mucho!

* teaching Sign Language to preschoolers

*i love to use !! when i type or text… it drives paul nuts! (so far 7 on this page..)

* i am a vegetarian….except for the occasional salmon every once in a great while…..

I hope this blog is entertaining, encouraging, informative, funny, and helpful.

that’s all for now but i will keep you up to date if anything changes! (8…)