blogs i love

so here are a few other blogs i love to read, pretty much on the daily…..i will try to add to this list as i remember more great ones:  this is an incredible blog of my dear friend allison. her writing about family, lifestyle, pregnancy,( and much more) is funny and encouraging, and…just very well done!  this is an incredible blog diary of a (juilliard grad!) mom, living in NYC with her adorable family. fashion, baby stuff, yummy food…it’s a great read this is actually the blog that got me into reading blogs in the first place… it’s mostly a fashion/beauty blog, but it’s entertaining for sure. she blogs about her life with her husband and dog (and now new baby boy!) plus lots on their exotic travels as well. i lost a LOT of time in this blog at the beginning… this is an INCREDIBLE food blog. lots of yummy, super healthy, mostly vegetarian/vegan recipes. she has a great story to tell too… a minnesota girl blogging all things food, fashion, travel, and home decor….also some great posts on body image, workouts and guest bloggers too! a delicious blog in every sense! amazing food recipes, incredible writing, and hilarious stories. food and family and friends and faith is her tagline and that is the perfect description of what this blog has to offer!

okay i know there are more…i’ll keep adding! happy reading!