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3 Ways You Can Prioritize a Healthy Gut As You Age

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You can also find out more about the following:t’s no secret: As you age, your body and its systems change—which has its ups and downs. One downside? You may experience occasional abdominal discomfort as your digestive tract slows down. You know the kind of abdominal discomfort that makes you want unbutton your pants right after a big dinner.

Maintaining a healthy gut with age is possible though—just ask 69-year-old fitness trainer Liz HilliardOwner and creator Hilliard Studio Method. Over the years, she noticed signs that her gut health may be out of balance—such as occasional bloating and gas—and she felt like she had more occasional digestive upsets. Hilliard didn’t give up and accept the pain. Instead, she decided to focus on her gut health.

Hilliard says that while our digestive system may slow down with age, occasional bloating or gas does not have to stop us from feeling comfortable in our bodies. Prioritizing my gut’s health has been crucial to my overall wellbeing. Being healthy allows me to do things I love—like my workouts and exercise routine.”

Hilliard likes to think of her gut as the body’s command center—it digests and absorbs food, eliminates waste, affects mental and physical well-being, and supports the immune system—which is why optimizing its health has been such a priority for her as she nears 70. Join her on her journey to a healthy stomach. Here are three things she does every day to support her digestive system, based on what her body is telling her.

1. Taking daily probiotic supplements

Hilliard’s routine has changed dramatically since she began taking a daily probiotic. “I used to have occasional bloating and stomach gas,” she says. “Taking a daily probiotic has been essential in helping me relieve the annoying digestive symptoms that I get occasionally.”

If you are in the market to buy a Probiotic supplementThe same effect Align Bloating Relief + Food Digestion Probiotics Supplement CapsulesThis product contains the unique probiotic Bifidobacterium 35624., to help soothe occasional bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort.* Plus, the formula also includes vitamin B12 to help support the breakdown of food into cellular energy,*  and a complementary blend of digestive enzymes. Hilliard takes this supplement every day to support her gut health.*

2. Move her body every day

Exercise and movement are essential to your overall health. Did you know that exercise is also good for your gut? Hilliard swears by daily exercise to help to support her gut health. Hilliard says, “I am a proponent of any type movement.” “A daily walk will definitely keep your digestive system healthy.”

Hilliard recommends that you lay on the ground with your back against the wall for 10 to15 minutes each day and extend your legs up. You can also try a good cat-cow stretches, followed by a spinal twist, a plank position, and some push-ups, to get the blood flowing and the systems moving.

3. Staying hydrated

Hilliard drinks at least half of her body weight every day. Drinking water doesn’t simply help her to stay hydrated after teaching a workout class, though—it’s also important for promoting good digestion, as water helps to Break downThe food you eat allows your body to absorb nutrition. Hilliard, for her part, has noticed that staying well hydrated has helped to eliminate waste from her system.

You can now listen to your body for any signs it is sending you. Take one step toward a healthier you—literally, step into the corner store to grab some Align Bloating Relief + Food Digestion Probiotics.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease.


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