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Netflix Pays You to Watch in 2024: 12 Real Ways to Earn Money.

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Netflix is a great place to watch movies and TV shows, as it offers a wide variety of exclusive content. Netflix is used by many households for several hours each week. It is possible to get paid to watch Netflix.

Companies are willing to pay you for your opinion on which shows you enjoy most. This will help them create new content. Here’s a look at how you can enjoy watching Netflix and earn a few extra dollars.

How to Earn Money by Watching Netflix

There are a number of ways to earn extra income through the streaming of videos via this media app.

1. Become a Netflix Tagger

Netflix only pays its taggers directly. This is a rare position, but you should check the Netflix Jobs pageThis includes both remote and location-based options.

As a tagger, your job is to watch movies and television shows in order to assign category tags. Your efforts help the algorithms recommend similar content that users can add to their video queue. Online reports suggest that a remote job like this can earn up to $30,000 a year by working a part-time schedule.

You can also look for video-watching jobs at Netflix or other similar sites. FlexJobs. This online database lists part-time and full-time positions at well-known companies in most industries.     

2. Closed Captions

Another way to earn part-time money is by drafting closed captions or subtitles in foreign languages. The streaming platform doesn’t hire closed captioners directly, although it may outsource projects to independent transcription services.

ReviseYou can earn up $1.10 per minute by producing closed captions. Translation of subtitles can earn you up to $3 for each video minute depending on the language and task.

As a free-lance captionist, it is possible to accept projects that match your schedule and interest. It’s also possible to work with several companies, thus making it easier to earn a consistent income. You’ll start with simple projects and progress to more complex ones as you gain experience.

3. MobileXpression

MobileXpressionYou can earn extra money in the easiest way possible. Install the free software on your Android or iOS device, and use it as you normally would. This platform shares your viewing history, device usage habits and other information with market research companies. Your details remain confidential while helping brands learn about their core customers.

You will receive five credits for each week that your account is active. Amazon gift card, PayPal Cash and other select gift card balances of $5 or 10 are available. Typically, the minimum redemption can be achieved every six to eight weeks.

It’s possible to use other apps like MobileXpressionIt can pay you more when you complete certain activities. Most of these apps pay you for shopping and completing other micro-tasks when you’re not watching your favorite Netflix content. 

I use this platform to easily earn points since I don’t have to spend my free time completing short tasks or making purchases. You can receive a small welcome bonus to request payment sooner. 

Find out more by reading our MobileXpression Review.

4. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

You can also find out more about the following: Nielsen Computer and Mobile PanelAnonymously sharing your device history is a relatively easy way to make money. 

Installing the freeware on your computers, smartphones, and tablets will allow you to earn up $60 per year in gift cards or PayPal. Gift cards can be redeemed for $5. As a result, it is possible to cash out more than once during the course of the year.

As well as being a Appreciate passive incomeYou can earn bonus points by completing surveys. This will allow you to cash out faster. You will also receive game tokens that you can use to play instant win games, with a top prize of $500 each month.

5. Media Rewards

After installing, you can earn points by streaming TV, YouTube and radio ads. Media RewardsYour Android or iOS device. The app runs automatically in the background and measures your media consumption. It awards a number of reward points corresponding to that measurement.

Each point earns you an entry to the monthly prize drawing of $50, 100, or $1,000. You can earn gift cards by completing surveys. 

This app is an entertaining way to learn. Earn money by watching videosYou can enter the prize draw by simply having an active account. To receive guaranteed payments, you will need to complete surveys. Netflix users who are not serious about their Netflix addiction may prefer to find other ways to earn money.

6. Record Netflix Reviews 

Start a movie review or podcast to reach fans eager to watch the latest release. Your channel can be a great resource for subscribers who are looking for new shows and movies to watch.

YouTube is one of the best places to record movie reviews, as it’s one of the world’s largest video platforms. It’s free to start a channel, and you can start collecting ad revenue and viewer donations as your audience grows.

You can also record short clips on your smartphone. TikTok. This popular video app is great for uploading short or long videos. You can earn royalties as the size of your audience grows. 

Try multiple platforms and see which platform helps you gain the most traction in terms of viewer engagement.    

7. Swagbucks

SwagbucksIt is a fun site that pays you to do short online tasks. You may occasionally see offers for bonus cash when signing up to a new Netflix Account.

However, you’re more likely to qualify for surveys focusing on your TV viewing habits that can pay several dollars for an extended study. Many paid studies are entertainment-focused and ask how many hours of content you watch daily. They also want to know what shows or movies you watched.

You can also earn rewards by signing up for product trial offers, playing online games, or completing shopping offers. Amazon gift cards can be purchased with a $1 reward balance. PayPal Cash and the majority of gift cards require at least $5.

This is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard side hustle appsI regularly receive rewards because of the low redemption minimums and the multiple ways to earn them. I receive rewards regularly “Swag Ups”Earn bonus points by completing surveys or qualifying purchases. 

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8. InboxDollars

InboxDollarsYou can earn money online by completing short tasks. You can earn money for watching videos, signing-up for streaming platforms, or answering video-related surveys. Netflix offers may come up periodically, and if you have an active subscription, it can help to qualify you for higher-paying surveys.

Join this site and receive a $5 bonus as soon as you sign up. You can take advantage of many free offers. Play GamesParticipate in instant-win cash draws by completing other challenges. 

The minimum withdrawal is $15 for the first time and $25 for all subsequent withdrawals. PayPal Cash or gift cards can be used as payment options.   

Find out more by reading our InboxDollars Review.

9. Survey Junkie

Consider Survey JunkieWhen you want to increase your earning potential through surveys. You can complete up to three studies per day, earning between $0.50 and $3 depending on the subject. 

You can also install the SJ Pulse browser extension and app to share your viewing history as well as what products you buy. Your usage habits could help you qualify to take part in exclusive surveys about what shows and movies you like. This optional program gives you the opportunity to earn extra money each month.

The minimum redemption for PayPal Cash and gift cards is $5. It is one the most popular. Best survey appsWith many high-paying online surveys and options for competitive payouts, you can earn a lot of money. You may also enjoy having more ways to influence products through your opinions and digital interactions.

Find out more by reading our Survey Junkie Review.

10. Edubirdie

EdubirdieNetflix and Amazon Prime will occasionally hire viewers to review show series. Smart Watchers are required to watch at least three episodes of ten series on the streaming platform. Edubirdies will choose five series from the freelancer’s list, while the freelancer selects five.

The review process includes an online test and a questionnaire to gauge the impact of the show on viewers and their ability to remember its content. 

This platform is more demanding but offers a compelling alternative for binge-watching. You can get more out of your effort. Make $1,000, significantly more than the majority of reward platforms.

11. Write Movie Reviews

Start a blog is another fun way to share your opinion with the streaming community looking for more details beyond what’s available on the show page. When you write Netflix reviews, you can be more creative with your words and videos. 

Blogging can also be a suitable medium if you’re camera-shy or don’t want to spend much time editing videos or podcasts containing similar material. Your movie review blog could also cover other streaming platforms or theatrical releases to reach a wider audience.

I prefer to read show reviews rather than watch recap videos. This allows me to quickly find the parts that I want to hear without having to listen to the entire episode.

You can also Blog monetization: How to make money from your blogAd revenue, affiliates links, and sponsorships are all ways to make money. It takes time to develop an audience, but the potential payoff is greater than a microtask site. 

12. Sell Netflix merchandise

Pop culture is an excellent way to create and market merchandise that fans will want to wear, use to decorate their homes, or give to friends. Consider Designing T-ShirtsThere are many small products. 

CafePress and Redbubble both allow you to create an online shop with products that you design. Platforms can have licensing rights to a specific series. You can then create branded apparel and lifestyle accessories with free design software.

Customers can also commission you to create customized products. The beauty of these sites is that they will print and ship the item to the buyer, similar to a dropshipping service, so you don’t have to purchase and store inventory before it sells. 

How much money can you make by watching Netflix?

Realistically, you will only earn a few dollars each month as most apps are passive and don’t work directly with Netflix. It’s enough to help offset the subscription fee and an easy way to Make money at home.

Here are some examples to show you how much money you can earn each month by choosing different viewing options.  

  • Closed captioning Apps Earn about $1 per video minute. A 30-minute episode will earn you $30. According to reports, an experienced captioner could earn as much as 15 dollars per minute. These opportunities are rare. 
  • Data sharing appsYou can earn up to $5 per month if you keep the app running and claim the weekly credit. 
  • Get-paid-to sites:From $5 to $100 per month. You can earn more money if you take surveys or participate in offers that require a purchase.
  • Survey appsYou can earn anywhere from $5 to $100 per month, depending on the number of surveys you complete each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider the following factors when comparing how you can make money watching Netflix in your spare time.

Is Netflix Tagger an actual job?

The streaming app’s career page offers part-time remote work on a periodic basis. You must visit the website frequently to see if there are any current openings or if the company accepts applications.

Is Netflix hiring someone who will watch Netflix all the time?

Netflix will hire taggers at random intervals for a part-time job from home. The company is also looking to hire for a number of other full-time roles, which may not necessarily involve watching videos for fun. 

Can we get paid to watch Netflix?

Installing a data sharing app like Nielsen Computer and Mobile PanelIt pays up to $ 60 per year for the shows, ads and non-Netflix product you interact with. 

As a freelancing, you can produce product reviews as well as captions or subtitling. These opportunities can provide a part-time source of income. There are fewer paid projects, and you might also need to work on other streaming platforms. 


You won’t get rich by watching Netflix as a Money-making Idea. You can still enjoy your favorite shows and explore new options.

Frequent streamers who review and caption new releases can earn a competitive salary. Why not earn money by watching Netflix?

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