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Three Simple Reasons to Increase Productivity by Working Remotely

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Working and collaborating while traveling the globe is an incredible life experience. It also offers a chance to be more productive, motivated and satisfied.

To testify, it is an article entitled: The Future 100: Trends to Watch and Changes to Expect in 2018The famous American research agency J. Walter Thompson Intelligence conducted the study.

For many it might be a surprise to know that, unlike the labels, most of the digital nomads are not made of young “under 30”, does not live constantly around the world with a backpack on his shoulders, is not composed only of singles and does not work exclusively as a freelancer.

In May 2016 (and now it has been three years), data from a study conducted on a sample consisting of more than 500 digital nomads in different parts of the world was published. These results help to dispel the myth.

In fact, the survey showed that only 29 percent of digital nomads were between the ages 26-30, while 33 percent were older than 30 (31-36). Also, it was surprising to see that 18% of them were between 37 and45, and a further 5% between 45 and70 years.

Most of the respondents (64%) also stated that they do not do freelance work, that they are not constantly traveling, but stay in a country for a long time (a few months) and always keep a “base” where they can do return.


Why are more and more people choosing to become digital nomads around the world?

Working without space limitations means having the freedom to choose where you want to work, while also being able learn about other cultures and countries. It also means experiencing new ways to live that will make us happier and more free.

Not only. Working remotely from different locations is not only an amazing experience, but also a great way to be more productive and satisfied with your work and lifestyle.

Imagine living in the extreme cold of the North of Canada where temperatures can reach -50 C in some cities. People here need to install a system to prevent water pipes from freezing. You can also choose sunny Florida where temperatures are warm all year round. Bradenton has some of the best movers if you are considering moving there, even for a few weeks.

Another advantage linked to the phenomenon of digital nomadism, is the possibility for companies that adopt “remote working” as a primary mode of work, to be able to access the best human resources and the best talent in the world regardless of the place or country in which they are found, without having to find them or have them available locally.

There are more and more “remote-friendly” companies in the world where everyone is free to work from the place he prefers.


Why working remotely can increase your productivity?

Freedom to choose Move elsewhereThe choice of the world as a workplace can seem paradoxical for those who have been looking for happiness in permanence, stability, and security within a permanent position and have always considered that the office was the ideal workplace.

The truth is that beyond the usual clichés about flexibility and the fact that the fixed and guaranteed place no longer exists, is the very idea of working for a lifetime sitting behind the same desk, or in the same company, to not be more current and not even what most people aspire to today.

Many people are feeling the need to be freed from the rigidity of traditional work, as well as the restrictions imposed by pre-established schedules, fixed physicality and presence obligations.

The young, in particular, have a strong internal drive to realize personal projects. They feel the need to test their abilities, to travel, to grow professionally and personally, to learn new things, and to connect to others.

Working remotely has strengthened this trend because it is not just about working remotely Working from homeBut it also means being able work from anywhere.

Why working remotely, as a digital nomadic, as well as being a wonderful life-experience, can help us return to being more efficient and more satisfied with our job?


1. Freedom

The desire to be more free is the main reason why more people are choosing to work remotely and free themselves from the restrictions of a traditional career.

Free to organise their lives, free of talent, free of choosing the place and time they want to work. Model them according to your ideal lifestyle and your needs.

Freedom is a value that many people hold dear.

To be happy and to do your best, you must always act and live in accordance with the values that guide you. If freedom is a value that you hold dear, you should experience things that make you feel free and get out of the daily routine that can suffocate who you are or what you want to be.

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, the office or anywhere else, if you always live in the same location and work for 8-10 closed hours every day.

To feel free, the best thing to do is to travel, explore and meet your own needs. You can also confront other cultures and build new relationships in places which facilitate this process.

Your self-esteem will increase when you fulfill your need for independence.


2. Happiness

Happiness and productivity are clearly linked.

Positive emotions can increase productivity and quality at work.

When you speak of happiness at work there are many different factors to consider. This is one of the most important places to work.

The truth is, to Boost your productivityYou should always choose to work in the places that make you happy.

Remote work allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere. These happy places – the house, the coworking area, the seaside, the mountains, rural areas, cities – are not static. They change with the cycles you experience.

Listening to what you want at that moment is key to being at the right place and time. You need to be in harmony with your surroundings, yourself, and the environment. If used correctly, the environment and nature in which you dive are a valuable resource.

Imagine the places that you have felt good in the past. This will start to give you an idea of ​​what the places could be working better and be happier and more productive.


3. Creativity

Creativity has become a necessary skill for today’s world.

In the current work environment, it is important to have professionals who can combine technology and creative thinking in different but increasingly connected sectors.

In January 2016, the World Economic Forum published a report entitled “The Future of Jobs and Skills” presenting the skills that, from now until 2020, will become indispensable in the world of work.

You can find critical thinking, creativity and complex problem solving in the first three places.

Researchers in the fields of psychology and neuroscience have foundIt is important to understand that traveling, interacting and learning about new cultures and people, as well as experiencing different places and cultures, are key steps in developing new ideas, nurturing our creativity and developing critical thinking.

The reason for this is simple: Creativity is linked to neuroplasticity or the ability of our mind to change. The environment and habits influence the neural pathways, so they are sensitive to changes.

New sounds, smells or languages, new sensations, new points of view and new landscapes can stimulate different synapses and revitalize the mind. Immersion, involvement and adapting to new experiences is the only way to improve creativity.

Working remotely can improve your productivity and satisfaction with your work.

You must also take into consideration another important aspect, which is the need for constructive and enabling interpersonal relationships.

It is therefore necessary to develop a paradigm that allows one to feel at ease in different places. This can be done in a simple manner, while activating the relationship’s power as the engine for everything.


Are you working remotely?

Please leave your comments below and share your experience.


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