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Where to Sell Sterling Silver to Get the Most Money in 2024

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Do you have sterling-silver jewelry or dining sets lying around collecting dust? It’s also possible that you have duplicates and need to declutter.

It is a great time to sell your antique or new collection and earn some extra money. There are many places to sell sterling online or locally for the best money. 

Sterling Silver Online: Where to Sell Sterling Silver

Online can be a great way to meet people. Easy way to sell silverYou can compare offers and find a buyer quickly. There may be a larger demand for your items than in your locality, especially if they have collectible value.

If you are selling broken pieces or other items without collectible value, your goal should be to get at least the melt value. Private sales can be a good way to sell in-demand items.

Cash for Silver USAThe free appraisal kit includes insured and prepaid shipping via FedEx Ground. The company appraises items within 24 hours and can pay you via PayPal, direct deposit or check.

You can sell sterling silver items in the following ways with minimal effort.

  • Broken or unwanted jewelry
  • Flatware
  • Servingware
  • Tea sets

Anticipate receiving an offer stemming from silver’s current spot price. Weight and purity are key factors in determining a price quote. However, Cash for Silver USA doesn’t factor collectible value into the payout potential.

Silver Matching Services

When you have flatware or hollowware with valuable designs or patterns, a sterling silver matching service will be more beneficial. These buyback service consider the silversmith’s pattern and design to pay you more money than the melt price.

Online, you can find a variety of services. You can begin the selling process by sending an itemized collection list via email to receive a price estimate. There is no shipping charge, and PayPal or check are the most popular payment methods.  

This can be an option if your flatware set has a collectible value and collectors are looking to add to their collection. This service is a middleman, but it’s a good option when your pieces have collectible value.

Apps to Sell Sterling Silver

Selling appsWorking directly with the buyer can help you increase your take home pay. You will still be charged platform fees, and you may agree to pay the shipping costs on behalf of the buyer. It’s also a viable option when a matching service doesn’t want your valuables.

Consider selling sterling scrap or collectibles. There are listings both for individual items and for lots. Online sellers list scrap lots so that people can melt it themselves to make crafts.

Buy eBay TicketsThe large customer base and the ease of listing make this an excellent online market. There are thousands of listings for used antique sterling silver and scrap. If you’re selling scrap, describe your items accurately and specify if you remove stones, magnetic content, and other bits that reduce the smelting quality.  

Where to Sell Sterling Silver in Your Locality

Finding a local buyer can be the better course when you need money now or don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping your collection and hoping to receive a competitive offer.

Coin Shops

You can get the best offer by selling to antique shops and coin dealers. Independent jewelry shops may also buy used pieces. If the item is collectible, the merchant might offer more than just the melt value or the spot price.

Enter the code in the box below. “where to sell sterling silver near me”You can also find out more about “silver dealers near me”Find businesses in your area by using two different methods. 

Consider searching their site to see what items they’re interested in purchasing. You can sell immediately after receiving a free on site appraisal.

Auction Houses

It is worth visiting a local auction house if you are looking for rare antiques in sterling silver. You may only be able to list one lot or several listings. Compare seller fees and minimum quantity requirements to calculate your potential profit.

A sale of your estate may be more beneficial depending on the other items you wish to sell. For example, you may inherit a parent’s property but don’t want to sell everything manually. In this case, the auction house will host a one-day event. They can also host online auctions that last a week and the buyers pick up their items after the bidding is over.

Auctions can be a great way to sell valuables, especially when collectors bid higher prices. The risk of using this method is that you may not know the final sale value, particularly if there is no bidding war. 

Pawn Shops

Local pawnshops can offer the fastest payouts when you need to sell your item. Need money now. These stores usually offer up to half of the resale price. You may compare this value to the potential melt value, which can be similar if the piece doesn’t have a collectible value.

Pawn shops will take your silver’s weight and purity into primary consideration. They will then determine if the demand for collectibles from that manufacturer or silversmith allows them to charge a higher price.

Sterling Silver: Is it Worth Anything?

Sterling silver is currently worth approximately 92.5% the current silver spot rate. It is because smelters are interested in buying silver that is 92.5% pure. The remaining percentage is made up of filler metals like copper that strengthen the silver, but have no resale worth. 

There are three different grades of sterling silver:

  • Pure sterling Silver These pieces are usually worth the most as they don’t have an overlay from another metal. The average purity level is 92.5% but it can go as high as 95%.    
  • Silver filled:The item is 92.5% Sterling Silver on the inside. However, it has another high-grade plating. This is a silver overlay and can have competitive buying prices.
  • Silver platingThese items have no melt value because they are primarily made of non-precious metals and only contain a small amount of silver. Consequently, scrap dealers and matching services won’t buy or resell silver plating. 

The following are some examples of the use of precious gemsFixed to the jewelry, it will have a value that is different. If you are selling your jewelry, the buyer may only care about silver’s price and pay for it.

Does Sterling Silver Still Have Value?

The purity of sterling silver can be valued in proportion to its spot price. The standard purity level for silver is 92.5%, but it can go as high as 950 fineness.

Fine jewelry and rare flatware may have collector’s value, making a piece worth more than the sterling silver melt value. 

Silver’s value can be maintained even if the metal tarnishes. This trait is a sign of authenticity. However, corrosion caused by the alloy metals or improper cleaning may reduce the value.  

Sterling Silver Jewelry: How much is it worth?

Sterling silver is worth about 92.5% the price of pure silver. Sterling silver, for example, is worth $27.75 an ounce if pure silver (99.9% purity), sells at $30 per ounce. The melt value can be the same whether it’s flatware, home goods, jewelry, or musical instruments. 

You can estimate the baseline price quickly by multiplying the current spot price by 0.925. Next, calculate the item’s weight when it weighs several grams or ounces. 

Formula: Current silver spot price ($) x 0.925= sterling silver value

You can also make more money than the melt value. selling jewelryWith resale values. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets can be worth $20 to $40 when combining the melt and collector’s values.

Pandora Bracelets: Are they worth anything?

Pandora bracelets can be purchased for about 30% less than the suggested retail value. Listings on Poshmark are roughly $50 to $60, and similar brand-new charm bracelets sell for $80 on the jeweler’s website. 

It is worth selling to a collector if the potential resale price is higher than the melt value. However, these bracelets won’t hold value unless they have rare or precious gems. 

Sterling Silver Flatware Value

Silver flatwareIt is worth at least the melt value. Antiques and high-demand designs can be worth more depending on the item’s age, production history, and condition. 

What is the value of Sterling Silver Tea and Coffee Sets?

Due to their weight and the number of pieces, most sterling silver tea sets can be worth between $1,000 and $5,000. Silverplate multi-piece tea and coffee sets, while beautiful, are only worth $100-500 because they have a lower level of purity.

Sterling Silver: How to Sell it for Cash

These steps will help you prepare your silver collection to sell and hopefully get more money than your initial expectations.

1. Find out the Sterling Silver Purity

First, determine if the sterling silver you have is genuine and has a purity of at least 92.5%. Here are some ways you can tell:

  • Manufacturer name: Jewelry and flatware may engrave the producer’s name. This mark is used to identify the series or pattern in order to accurately estimate the resale potential.
  • Professional appraisalYou can also find out more about the A-Team here.Jewelry appraisalA professional can determine the metal content, whether it contains precious stones, and if it has collectible value.  
  • Purity stampMost pieces are stamped with a purity percentage. The stamp should say “925”Or something similar containing 92.5% of silver.
  • Tarnishing:Silver tarnishes with time due to oxidation. You can check if the silver shines by polishing a small area. If the piece already shines, exposure to a lighter fire or household bleach can cause it to instantly tarnish.

You can also order an acid test kit to verify the authenticity of your silver. 

2. Calculate the Resale Price

It’s best to compare prices for similar items on eBay and other selling apps to evaluate the resale value. You can estimate the melt value offered by scrap dealers. The melt value of broken and working pieces is the same, as it is based solely on weight and purity. 

Unfortunately, inherited silverware does not hold sentimental value. So, you must decide if grandma’s silverware is worth keeping at current market rates. 

3. Compare Selling Options

If there is a significant difference between the melt and resale values, it may be worth trying to find a buyer via a fixed-price or auction listing. A platform like Cash for Silver USASell your silver easily from home, with quick payments and free shipping.

What you need to know about selling sterling silver

The price of your silver is affected by a number of factors.

How to Tell if Sterling is Real

Buyers want to know that your sterling is real and will look for the following characteristics: 

  • Have stamps or marks of authentication indicating a purity of 92.5%
  • It shouldn’t rust
  • The polishing cloth will remove black and tarnishes.
  • The weight is the same as that of similar sterling silver pieces
  • Won’t be magnetic

Finaly, silver is an excellent conductor. An ice cube will melt quickly. This is a fun and unconventional way to test.

Sterling Silver Weight and Quality

Purity is rated at 92.5%. The universal standardSome pieces contain as much 95% or even 96% Argentium Sterling Silver. You will only be paid for the silver content, not the alloy metals.

The Most Valuable Sterling Silver Pieces

Ornate silver designs and antique sterling can be worth much more than the melt value. 

Below are some examples on how much the most valuable pieces of art typically sell for.

  • Baby utensils From $30 to $200
  • Flatware:Prices range from $40 to $150 per item
  • Jewelry:From $60 to $225 for a bracelet, pin or pair of earrings
  • Pitchers:$380 to $1,000 
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers: Pairs priced between $150 and $500
  • Tea sets Sets starting at $1,000 to $5,000

Sell Sterling Silver for Scrap

Not all silver jewelry, serving pieces, or spoons are valuable. In this case, you can sell it for scrap. Cash for Silver USASilver can also be recycled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding selling sterling silver at the highest price.

Sterling silver and 925 Silver are the same?

Yes, traditional sterling has a purity of 92.5% or Fineness rating 925. Argentium Sterling Silver is 95% Pure with a Fineness Rate of 950.

Is it worth selling sterling silver?

If the resale is higher than your sentimental value then it’s worth selling. If you don’t need the money right now, you may wait for silver prices to increase if they are near cyclical lows. 

What is the best way of selling sterling silver?

Online silver dealers make it easy to compare prices, shipping costs and seller fees. You can sell it at the melt value, and get free shipping. Once the final evaluation is completed, the dealer may send payment via PayPal, direct deposit or check.

Is sterling silver worth reselling?

Rare or antique jewelryFlatware, tea sets, and flatware are likely to be worth more than melt value. Costume jewelry, broken utensils, and newer items are less likely than older ones to have collectible values. Most buyers will offer the melt value.


You can determine the value of sterling silver jewelry, flatware or serving sets.

This metal is prized for its purity. It can also be a good investment. Product to sell at homeWhen you need some extra cash. Compare prices at different outlets to find the best deal.

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